Hello and Happy Friday!  I haven't completely forgotten about my Friday Etsy Favorites, but this Friday, I wanted to be a little more random and show you one of my very first pins.  This phrase speaks to me... like I feel it in my heart.  Sometimes, I will be listening to something and Mr. Hughes will say... what is this about... I don't know what he is even saying.... and I will tell him it is about love.  Not that I understand all the metaphors or even the words the artist is singing, but because I can feel it.  

I have never been musically inclined.  I can't play an instrument.  I can't sing on key.  baby hughes asks me not to sing sometimes (I sing louder!)  I am a lover of music though.  I treat playlists like I am curating a art gallery.  Way back when I was single and subscribed to In Style magazine, I always loved where they would stop the stars and ask them what they were listening to... and I would always daydream that I was famous and how I would answer that... hopefully I would have something decent in my Walkman... you know, back when we couldn't jog with our portable CD player since it would skip.  I always wanted it to be something old or really new or really off the wall like the Fern Gully soundtrack (yes, I really have the Fern Gully soundtrack, thankyouverymuch!)

Now, that I am at home all the time, I don't get my drive time as much where I can listen freely to whatever and not worry about impressionable ears.  That was one of the only good things about the drive to work... the music.  So, I feel out of the loop.  I need some new stuff to listen to.  So, all you famous people, what are YOU listening to?  I really want to know.  And, I will tell you what is in my CD player in my car so you know where my tastes lean... well, there is a mix CD by Mr. Hughes that he keeps sneaking in there and taking out the Avett Brothers.  Then I think there is a David Grey, Snow Patrol... maybe 2 Snow Patrols, and Mumford and Sons.  I also LOVE Ray Lamontagne.  I do like all kinds of stuff, so tell me what you are listening to that I should give a try!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

bye for now!


  1. Adele is really popular right now, and I have to say I love all of her stuff. If you haven't listened to Keane I'd give them a shot--they're another favorite. That's my two cents!

  2. ray, mumford and sons, and david are all on my ipod also! love them all! you may also like joe purdy....kinda sounds like ray! and david puts on a GREAT concert! i've been to THREE! :) happy friday!

  3. The Civil Wars - amazing!! I'm obsessed with them. Also Under the Rhine or Milo Greene and if you're somewhat country inclined (real country not that pop country stuff) try Band of Heathens or Ryan Bingham.

  4. If you like girls that rock, try Fireflight or Flyleaf. I love them. I'm so envious of little tiny 90 pound girls that can just belt it out. Not too envious to enjoy it though.


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