Mother Dough

Hello all!  Do you remember me?  I didn't mean to take such a break.  I got caught up in all the birthday madness last week on top of painting furniture.  You probably think I am back to share photos of the Big 3 birthday party... all in good time.  Truthfully, I haven't had a chance to look at them yet, but I promise I will post them this week.  Today, I have something non- birthday related to share.

A long, long time ago, when I had cable, I was watching a show...most likely on the cooking network.  It was about a bread company in San Francisco that made sourdough bread.  The interesting thing was that they kept using a little bit of the original dough that they started with...this is a common practice amongst sourdough bread makers, but I had never heard of it.  This little bit of yeast rich dough is called mother dough.  So, each batch of bread has a little bit of that first loaf in it.  Some may think "eeeewwww..." but I was quite inspired by it.  I tucked it away in the recesses of my brain until one day I was getting ready to paint a piece of furniture and I didn't have enough of the grey I had wanted to use. hmmm.... what to do..... I decided to mix some "end cans" and create my very own custom color.  Now, I know that many people probably create their own custom colors as well.  The next time I was out of paint and I went back to mixing some end cans, I decided to pull that same paint out and add to it, creating my very own mother dough.

Each time I try to paint a little swatch on the top of the lid, but sometimes I forget.  Here are a few pieces that I have painted with my mother dough paint:

I am still mourning the sale of this one!  This was my first mother dough piece.

This one too.... loved the simple, clean lines and the dainty legs.

You will notice a grey theme here... well, I have liked greys for some time and don't foresee me liking them any less in the future *wink*

This piece is the piece I finished last week and it is now at City Farmhouse.
It is also painted with mother dough... a medium grey custom paint, one of my favorites that that I have mixed.  This is one of those pieces that I really, truly adore... it must be all those curves.  Oh well!  You can't keep them all (or you can and the nice folks from Hoarders will come visit you... not that I have seen it... I don't have cable, remember?)

I hope to expand my mother dough pallet in the future to include more colors..... maybe some blues and other neutrals besides grey.  Okay, I have to get busy cleaning the remaining birthday remnants... loads of glue dots to clean off the trim!

bye for now!


  1. OK...I have had keep tempting me with your beautiful furniture but you are sooo far away. I adore that table. I'm telling you it won't be around for long. Big sigh from West Virginia.

  2. I loved this post, and... your greys are beautiful. It's so fun to see the dressers you painted with their little bows... just charming.


  3. What a smart girl you are!!! You inspire me today~SueBee

  4. Great blog! You featured a bookmark from my etsy shop a bit ago and I thought i'd come back to see what's new!

  5. I have to try this...i have so many cans that would probably work great together! Loved your painted beauties!

  6. I happen to think grey is fabulous, especially all of your grey pieces! My current favorite is the buffet with the buttery yellow inside the doors!! LOVES!

  7. I'm going through a grey phase as well and love it -- each piece is a slightly different shade as I swish all of my little cans of 'oops' paint together. Keeping my fingers crossed I might someday come across a table as awesome as yours. :-)

  8. I'm so happy to find a fellow crafty Nashvillian! Love your blog. :)


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