Friday Etsy Favorites *Garden-y*

Hello hello hello!!!
I am pretty excited... the sun just peeked out!
So it being the First of April and sunny
I am feeling a little

I adore vintage garden tools!

and industrial tray type things! 
Wouldn't this look great planted with succulents and moss?

How great is this whimsical fairy/gnome door?

I think my love of letterpress has been declared before
This Tennessee shop has a great Farmer's Market line
found~ YeeHaw

I also love moss terrariums!

The ultimate in guerilla gardening!

Ahhh.... vintage-y weathered terracotta.... a sure way to a gardener's heart!

what a cherry fun watering can!

I LOVE these garden markers!  

Lemon mint scrub to get the dirt off!

Isn't this instant collection great?

And this... this is what I added to my cart and snatched up... you can't have it
but I will tell you where I found it

Oh and don't forget to enter my Garden-y Giveaway!
I will announce the winner next Friday.

Have a wonderful Fool's Day... be nice!!

bye for now!


  1. Ohhh! Such a lovely round up of gardening goodies. Thank you for including my faucet knobs too :) Happy April! --Suzanna

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my terrarium! I love everything for the garden and you have some wonderful picks!

  3. This is great, a blend of garden and industrial...woohoo! Thanks for including our item ♥

  4. I love everything you found...especially the little plants in the tarnished silver. I'm feeling gardeny too but am waiting for a thaw!
    Enjoy your beginning of spring!
    sarah xo

  5. Oh your things are darling and youre very bad to post the link to RobinsEggBleu, naturally I found a lamp I couldnt live without! Thanks!

  6. What a great collection of vintage and looks like vintage gardening accessories. I am going to peek at all the link on the photos.
    - Joy

  7. Spring has sprung on your cute blog!
    Thanks for giving YeeHaw's market line a shout out - we really appreciate the love!

  8. Yeah this means spring!! love your finds as always you have the best themes, now come on over and help me in my garden...mkay!


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