Meet Mary

Happy Monday to you all!
I am sick... yes, it seems that baby hughes cold or virus or whatever he had has blessed us all.  
Of course, if I have to be home sick, I want to be right here in my warm, breezy backyard watching my boy play with a vintage train and yell at the wind.

We had a wonderful weekend.... great weather...lots of gardening and cooking out and I even painted our upstairs hall.
Rainwater by Martha in case you are wondering.
And also, if you are wondering,  Frog Tape isn't any better than regular painter's tape.  There, I said it.  Of course, it may just be me and my methods.

I even finished a new piece.
And one sweet girl helped me name her after I pondered aloud (on twitter)  what her name should be.
She jokingly suggested her own name... which also happens to be my mother's name.
And it stuck.

So, Meet Mary.
Both are quite sweet and vintage loving.
And pretty!

The weather is pretty and getting warmer, so I can only imagine that I will be painting up a storm in the weeks to come.  I have a few pieces waiting on me to just choose a color already... light grey... or medium grey.... or blue...

Hopefully I will be back soon to show you some more furniture redos and maybe what the upstairs hall looks like once I get everything all painted.

bye for now!


  1. Aw man....hope ya feel better :( at least it is warm where you are and you dont have to be indoors with a bored lil boy ;)
    There is something about "Mary".....hehehe.
    I like her. ALOT. She would love my house - too bad she lives so far away! I love her drawers and her grey ribbon too :)

  2. Oh what a gorgeous piece!!

    Hope you feel better soon!!

    barbara jean

  3. Hi there! Just found your blog through mary at Urban Farmgirl. I love dresser! I wandered over because she said you live in Tennessee and so do I and I need some good thrifting/flea markets close by and was hoping you'd mentioned some on your blog, but I knew I was going to stick around when you said frog tape isn't any better than regular painter's tape! I so agree! Glad I found your blog!

  4. Mary is a perfectly appropriate vintagey name for your sweet dresser. Love the paint job!

  5. I am smitten. Mary there's room at my inn! :)
    Michelle, all your rehabs are gorgeous. (Have you tried chalk paint and wax yet?)

    Sorry to hear you were all sick. I hope you are soon well and back to treasure hunting and working your magic.

    Your Friend,

  6. Why can't I live closer to you!??? I want this for my bedroom!!!! I would use it as my night stand. Ugh!!

  7. This is beautiful! I just found your blog through a very random way - but so excited you're in my neck of the woods! (although we're moving soon :( )Anyway - you have LOVELY stuff. I will keep watching your shop!


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