Happy Thursday!

Hello hello hellooooo!
How are you?
I have the day off so I am great!
Baby is napping.
I will go paint some stuff in a few minutes, but I wanted to share a crafty, Easter-y project that baby hughes and I attempted.  

From Country Living

From the moment I saw these sweet little nests, I knew I wanted to try them.  baby hughes was super excited when I was setting everything up.  When it was time to start, it occupied him for probably 5 minutes tops.  I had to finish the one he started on.

Here are ours.... we used vintage maps for these two.  If I do it again, I will use our shredder to get the pieces more fine.
After Easter, if they aren't destroyed, I think we will use it to hold his growing rock collection.

here is another that I used old book pages for.  It was lots of fun... well, for me.  Quite messy though and they take awhile to dry.  I also painted little wooden eggs a pale blue with brown specs.
If you would like to attempt these nests, here is the link to the details.

In other news (oh and this isn't one of the 2 secrets... I need to wait a bit longer on those!)
Danielle is having a great giveaway that is benefiting an even GREATER cause.  So swing by there and see all the fabulous items ONE person will win.  Oh, and it is her birthday, so be sure to mention that 
Isn't that sweet of her to give presents instead of getting them?

Okay, paint is calling my name!

bye for now!!

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  1. hey michelle! its been awhile! i have missed visiting! i saved that same tutorial in hopes to make them before easter! dont think i will make them in time! oh well! i hope you are doing well! xo


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