Does anyone still say that?
Well, I don't care!  I have quite a few things I am psyched out of my mind about!

Simple stuff like this photo.
Is it wonderful?  Nope, but I love the shadows.  So much that I called Mr. Hughes downstairs to see it.
Oh and this is one of the plants that is sentenced to die.  But isn't it pretty now?

And that this girl is having a baby today! So go over there and send her some love!!

And this from the garden show.  This was the Three French Hens/ The Roost booth.
I am totally stealing this photo from here.
(since we forgot our camera!)
I don't think they will mind though
Their booth was amazing!  They built this little house from salvaged windows and doors.
It was quite magical!  
And I just have to say once again that they are so sweet and I am so glad I have a booth with them!

And the Dream Job e-course that I just signed up for the other day.
I am learning a lot girls!  And it is helping me focus on goals that I have for Vintage Junky 
Even if you already have a business up and running, I think that this is such an inspiring course.
I am excited about this pretty spring weather and some new pieces I have to paint that I bought last night.
I can't wait to get my hands on them!

I am so loving my little hoop that I got in the mail from Heather
I like it in so many places that I can't just choose one, but for now it is in my entry across from the dining room.

And I am excited we didn't get a ticket for pulling a U-turn so we could get to Target to buy Deathly Hallows on DVD... I mean, so I could use the facilities.  I even told the policeman that I asked Mr. Hughes to turn around and blamed my bladder.  I think it helped get us out of the ticket.
And it turns out that it doesn't come out until Friday.
So, I know what I will be doing during nap time tomorrow!

And, I have 2 secrets that are kind of a big deal for me. One I will let you in on next week.  The other....well, you will have to wait just a bit longer to find out about it.

And today is Thursday!  My favorite day!
What are YOU excited about?

bye for now!

oh and there is still time to enter my giveaway!


  1. Psyched! I say it sometimes but not often enough! More in the sense of "Im psyched for _____"!!!

  2. I have a feeling about the second thing...eee!!


  3. i want to hear more about that class. i just bought rachel's house style one and i can't wait to get started. i adore the way she mixes things up. have a happy day fried!!

  4. Love, love the hoop! :) I've been really into those lately.

    Oh...and I have an award waiting for you on my blog. ;)

  5. LOL! Bladder! It's ALWAYS a great excuse! lolol!

    xoxo laurie

  6. love the hoop art Heather sent -- SO cute! :)


  7. I love your blog! Happy new follower!


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