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 Hello!  I have been absent this week... absent from here, absent minded, you get the point.
I blame part of it on the pretty weather.  The other part on being busy, busy, busy.  And the last... well, let's just say I started and finished a book this week and I am a wee bit obsessive about finishing books
 Thanks for playing along with the questions and answers... I am a little surprised some of you didn't ask me some zingers... they were all fairly tame. I had fun answering them to celebrate (wait for it)
My blogiversary!  2 years baby!  And, it is hard for me to stick with things, I love change and can get bored.  Blogging is still fun for me and I love finding new blogs and stuff to drool over, so I think I will continue to do it.  Here are your questions and hopefully the answers you were looking for:

Do you find it to be a full time job keeping your spaces full of neat things to sell?
 Yes, but a very fun one.  I love treasure hunting. For myself and to sell.  Plus, it gives me another place to decorate so I am not constantly changing things in the house.  I do have full time job as well and a little hyena at home.

Do you have a new favorite item that you love to hunt for in your vintage outings?
 Yes!  Suitcases!  My stack is almost reaching the ceiling now... I need like 3-4 more.  But, before that obsession, I always love to find great pieces of ironstone and mercury glass and great frames and mirrors.  

I'm wondering what kind of paint you use and how you got started selling your pieces...did you jump right in with a booth at an antiques mall?
 I use Benjamin Moore paint.  It is a little pricier than other paints, but I feel like a good quality paint will keep the finish nice for years to come. 
I started out with an etsy shop and then my sweet Mr. Hughes found a booth for me last Mother's Day.  I recently opened my second booth in January 2011 (how IS he going to top that?!?)  So, I am relatively new to the game. 

My main question is more along the lines of being a momma - how do you juggle the different aspects of your business with caring for your son? My son is about the same age, and it can be really difficult sometimes to juggle shopping trips and picking with naptimes, tantrums, etc. And I'm sure it's not easy to work on the furniture makeovers with him around, either. How DO you do it?
 Well, I don't juggle, I cope.  I mean, baby hughes is just like any 2 year old boy.... maybe slightly more wild.  We take him with us.  We don't have any family close to keep him.  It does help that he has been going with us from a very young age. He knows the people at the places we go and he is quite social.  Even if I did have someone to leave him with, I would take him still.  I mean, I have a certain amount of time off, and I want to spend it with him.  If he starts to throw a tantrum that we can't control, we leave or one of us takes him outside.  It does help that my husband is incredibly supportive of me and will watch him in the winter when I have to paint inside.  Now, in the summer, I just take the piece and the boy outside.   But at the end of the day, it all seems to get done.  That being said, don't ever come to my house announced!  You will easily see what DOESN'T get done everyday. 

Question for you - how did you get your love of vintage items?
 Now that IS a great question... I wish I could tell you.  I just like things and places that are a little more unique or one of a kind.  I don't remember my mom or even my grandmother being interested in vintage.  I always have.  I have had a vintage chest of my grandfather's since I was 5... maybe that is where it came from.
My question: What are some of your favorite websites that inspire you? Magazines? Decorators?
Well, I like really happy feel good things, so I think when I am happy I am more creative.  I loved Cottage Living and Domino, I am definitely more Cottage Living though.  I am inspired by blogs too.  As for anyone designer, I can't say.  I think I am more inspired by all of YOU than I am of someone who ends up in Architectural Digest or Elle Decor.
That didn't answer it all, did it?

Where's the most fabulous place you've traveled?
 Gosh... I love any place with a beach (St. Martin) but there is one place that I have visited that I would pick up and move there instantly if I could afford it and the crime rate was lower..... Savannah, Ga.
In a heartbeat.  When we first went there, it was like something stirred inside of me... I love it.  It is a beautiful place to be.  And those trees..... ahhhh...

 I guess I am wondering where you are in your quest to move to another place?
 See above!  Hahaaha!  As of right now, I am loving the one I am with.  I don't love the town that I am in... not much character.  I do like our house... I just would love to live in an older home.  But it is central to both of our mothers.  And now with the antique booths, I think we will be pretty close to here for awhile.  Now, I would like to live about 20 minutes away from us in Franklin.  In an old house, of course!

My questions are where do you find the furniture you make over? Where do you paint and do you paint by hand?
All over... flea markets, other dealers, craigslist. Right now, I paint in my garage.  When it is warmer, I will take a piece outside and multitask bubble blowing with painting.  And yes, I paint everything by hand.  We have a sprayer, but it isn't one that is hooked up to a compressor.  I don't foresee me purchasing one either... I enjoy painting it by hand (it is therapeutic), and I like the depth and character a brush gives a piece.  Are the pieces perfect?  Nope, but I think they still look great.  

My question is - If you could only transform your furniture finds in one colour, what would that paint colour be?
One color?  Never!!  If I had to make a choice though, I am sure it would be a shade of grey.  I do love aquas and greens though.  And black too.

What inspires you?
Ahhh.... what doesn't? Well, I am a music lover.  And my husband is pretty inspiring along with my little hyena.  I think I find most of my decorating inspiration from other blogs and event design and other shops.  Oh and nature.

My question, what is your favorite time of day and place to blog?
I sometimes blog during my lunch, but I would rather be home on the sofa in the morning before my 2 guys wake up with a hot cup of green tea with the sunlight streaming in the windows.

That was fun!  If you have anymore questions, always feel free to ask!  I do read each and every comment and try to always communicate back, I am far from perfect at it though.
And since no one asked.... the flowers at the top are my favorite. And the photo was found here.
Enjoy this tease of Spring!

bye for now!


  1. That was fun...those were great questions!Thanks for sharing!

  2. I enjoyed reading this post, you had some good questions. Was that a line from CSNY thrown in?

  3. HAppy 2 year anniversary! yipee, please keep blogging, cause I didn't know any of those answers...ha, I kid kid, I probably could have answered them all, does that make us virtual bff's? Just curious, if not don't answer that, might hurt my feelings...ha! great post!

  4. Thank you for sharing the questions and your answers. I enjoy your blog and love following it.
    - Joy

  5. This was a great post:) And I think those are my favourite flowers too!

  6. Fun stuff!!! I've never been to Savannah, but my roommate in college was from there and she talked about it constantly. I've got to get there one day!

  7. Happy anniversary! Thanks for answering our questions. I find your zest for life so inspiring.


  8. Happy Anniversary to you, Michelle! It was fun learning more about you and getting to know you better! You're such a sweetie! :)

    xoxo laurie


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