Hello there!
As I sit on our back deck, enjoying this simply gorgeous night, waiting on baby hughes to wake up from a late nap and a grilled meal from Mr. Hughes..... well, I can't think of a single thing to complain about.  And, I don't ever get really mushy or philosophical on this blog, but I really think it is the simple stuff that makes me happy. 

Like this sweet chalkboard from my even sweeter friend Tara
I have big plans for this baby, but for now, it is in my kitchen with a quote from my theme song of late

I love the chorus!  And just the all around feel goodness of it.
Mr Hughes kindly pointed out that it should read "I'm"
instead of "I am."  So, I changed it.... but didn't think to take a photo. Heck, that bloomless primrose in the pretty aqua-y pot even makes me happy.

You know what else makes me happy?  This dish rack.  Silly, I know.  You know what is even sillier.... our dishwasher broke last week, and while I know it will get fixed, my first thought was, well, that justifies a turquoise-y vintage dish rack purchase, right?
And, you know what else?  I don't even mind doing those dishes.  Nope, in fact, I dare say I enjoy it.... mainly because for some strange reason the kitchen is staying much cleaner.  And, guess what... the dishes are cleaner too.  
(Ask me later if I am still liking it once I have to clean all the dishes from our little grill out tonight.)

And this is one of my favorite vintage finds as of late...
this sweet step stool.
You see, my baby hughes is rocking this potty training thing, so I see those sweet little feet up there several times a day, washing his hands, pretending one of my beloved ironstone soap dishes is a boat.  
Good thing it is pretty tough and already has a big chip out of it!

And I realize that I just showed you a bunch of "things" that make me happy.
And vintage stuff does.  But, that could be any old step stool from anywhere, and the swelling in my heart would be the same when I hear.... " wash the hands....dry, dry, dry."
 It is the simple little things that I enjoy.
I enjoy being on the deck barefoot in ratty, paint splattered clothes
I enjoy the floors I mopped yesterday.
I enjoy our party lights that are still going after 2 years.
I enjoy my family
I enjoy my life.
Especially once I get that steak on my plate (sorry cows!)

Bye for now!


  1. So true Michelle. It is the little things. I would have to say that vintage furniture + finds are my passion, but the little things are what make my world go round. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Ain't that the truth! We're potty training my son now too, and that picture of Baby Hugh's chubby little toddler legs melts my heart...thank you for sharing!

  3. this post made me smile from beginning to end! thank you for sharing your happiness!!! :)

  4. you deserve every ounce of happy friend!

  5. What a sweet post, it made me smile, too!

    Hope your steak was good (I love steak!)

    xx Karen

  6. Love this post!
    I need to read more feel-good posts like this, lifts my spirits right up. :-)


  7. such sweetness in simplicity.
    i am so with you.
    great post!

  8. You DO have a nice life. Charming and lovely. Your boys are lucky to have you.


  9. Sweet post, friend. :) Love all the little treasures...and adore baby feet. ;)

  10. What a sweet post! And you're so right - it's the little things in life that make it worth living.

  11. I love your dish rack! I have a turquoise one, too, that I got for $5 (and felt like I was getting a treasure) and it just makes my kitchen SMILE! Great blog -- I just found it and will be following from now on...

  12. I love this song!! Have you seen this version? It brings a tear to my eye x


  13. Yeah for happy!! I love those little things that make me happy...the simple stuff!! Like being friends with you! :)

  14. loving the little things in life as well!! oh happy day :)

  15. Great post. Love the little step stool.

  16. oh i adore edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros! i put that song on whenever i feel a little down or are homesick for Canada (am living in Ireland!) - thanks!

  17. I need, very badly, that dishrack.


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