busy, busy, busy

Hello all!
How was your weekend?  Ours was quite busy... both of our mothers came to visit.
I finished up a order of my lady silhouette totes for a bride.
So, my home is a bit torn apart from finishing up the totes and making all the flower corsages for them.

But it was fun! I love doing custom orders, especially for weddings... I LOVE weddings!
I also finished up a larger chest... it definitely needed the two-tone treatment to bring out the details.
Don't you think?

This is the Miller.  She is perfect for all the warm, thick fuzzy sweaters that need to go into storage since Spring is upon us!
This time change nearly does me in every year, but I sooooo enjoy the extra hour of daylight.

Last night I felt so tired, but so productive with that extra hour.  Who knows?  I may take up cooking... no wait... scratch that... I just remembered my dishwasher broke, so I am filled up with domestic duties.
But I did order a little vintage dish rack to help me pretty up my new chore.
The kitchen is remarkably cleaner since it broke.

I am planning some fun changes to the upstairs to our home and I hope to share very, very soon!  Just bought some sample cans!
bye for now!


  1. Miller! I like you a lot!!!
    And those bags...what great gifts!

  2. The 'Miller' so so sweet. The bow is a great accent. Great bridal gift bags.
    - Joy

  3. "Miller" is gorgeous!!! I really really love that two-toned effect. Lovely Michelle!!!!

  4. The totes are so pretty - great job!

  5. I love the sweet totes and that gorgeous chest! Sewing and painting - you have been busy!

  6. Oh wow the bow on the chest is just amazing, something so small and added so much character :)

  7. The Miller is absolutely precious. The two colors are Perfect. And the totes are adorable!


  8. New to your blog and love it! The totes are so cute. We moved into our house 5 years ago and we still have not put in a dishwasher. And I have 7 kids. That crime should be punishable! Luckily I have lots of hands to help lol. Great blog!!!!

  9. Love your color choices on The Miller :-)
    So sorry to hear about the dishwasher -- in my experience, that gets old really fast!


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