Sick Day

heelllloo (said hoarsley)
baby hughes and I are sick.  yuck!  I was hoping mine was just allergies, but after he tossed and turned all Saturday night and woke up  Sunday all stopped up, I confirmed there are germies in the house.
So, we are under a self-imposed quarantine away from Mr. Hughes.
We got the big bed
We are downstairs rotting our brains away on PBS.
I have decided that I don't think I like Gerald on Sid the Science Kid.

Isn't this Spring such a tease?
Last week it was 80.  Now it is like 40... maybe colder.  
double yuck!
At least the wheat grass I planted is giving us a little kick of Spring indoors.
It was so easy to plant... I think I may plant another set and rotate these out when this line dies.

Maybe the Easter Bunny will hide some eggs in the grass....
We got the tins from the Dollar Section at Target.
They are perfect to grow grass and I even have some organizing my makeup and some supplies in our studio.

I will be back soon with a Spring-y Garden-y Giveaway
Right now I have a nose to wipe and check a temp
baby hughes just informed me that his temp is 14-14-14.
That can't be good!

bye for now!


  1. Hope you all feel better...we're going on three weeks here! Love the grass - at least it looks like spring inside. :)

    Take care and take lots of naps!
    Sarah xo

  2. Boo. Hope you and your little one feel better soon.


  3. so cute! I love wheat grass. I'm going to have to look for those little tins at Target. Hope you guys are feeling better soon!

  4. that little rascal is still funny even though he is under the weather!! :) hope you are all feeling better soon and Mr. Hughes does not get it!

  5. Hope you two get to feeling better soon. Temps up and down like a yo yo does not help.

  6. ha ha sons name is Jarred and I sometimes call him Gerald...a lil nickname...I use a funny voice though when I say it. Gerlad on always makes me think of the episode when Gerald talks about his Mom calling his name.....GEEEEERAAAALLD!

    Sorry ur sick~

  7. Sorry your sick. I am dying for some green and Spring weather. Might just try to plant some grass too. Looks so pretty on your window.

  8. Well, one good thing is at least you are sick together....nothing worse than having to chase after a toddler while YOU are sick and he is healthy!
    Hope you both feel better soon....getting to sleep in the big bed together will sure speed things up ;)

    ps - 14-14-14?! Sounds like a lawn fertilizer !! Haha...

  9. Take care of yourself! Get feeling better!

  10. Hope you both get better soon. The cheerful grasses on your window ledge should help a bit (bunnies just might hide eggs there, you never know).
    - Joy

  11. Hope you and Baby Hughes get to feeling better sooner rather than later! Love the wheat grass! I have those little metal containers too. I spray painted mine with chalkboard paint and have them scattered around the house for junk, medicine, keys, etc.....

    When I first bought them, I had high hopes of planting herbs but that didn't work out so well. I have a black thumb. Really bad. :)

  12. Oh no, hope you and J feel better soon! We were trapped in the house last week for 5 days too, it was the suck.

    I think Sid the Science Kid in general is an awful show, lol

  13. Feel BETTER!! yuck, being sick...well, sucks!

    also, I JUST POSTED about wheatgrass a couple days ago. LOVE that stuff. I bought more wheat berries to make more bc I love it so.

    Yours looks fantastic ;)

  14. Hi Michelle!

    I hope you and your son are starting to feel better.

    I am writing to tell you that today, I blogged about the very amazing market bag that you made for a friend of mine...She gave it to me for my birthday!
    I love it! Thank you!

  15. Sure hope you are both feeling better soon! This Spring really has me confused, too. I wish it would make up it's mind already, I'm ready for garage sale season!


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