Some News and Some New Pieces

hello!  how's your day?
Ours is rainy, rainy!  But I know that it will pay off when all the green comes out.
Green is my favorite!
So I thought I would show you a few new pieces and share some fun news that I received yesterday.

Someone local found my little blog after Scarlett posted a link.
And, that someone is the publisher for a local antiques magazine, The Busy Bee Trader.
Well, she asked me to write some small filler articles for the magazine!  
Pretty cool, huh?
So, I submitted my first article to her today just in time for the deadline and it should be out in April.
Now, I normally wouldn't share news like this until it is in print, but what the hey... I am pretty excited!

Now, would you like to meet some new pieces... sure you would...

Meet Twiggy!  She also has an identical twin sister named... uhhh... Twiggy!  
This pair of chairs was a little bit of a deviation from my usual style, but they were fun and I la-ove the green fabric on them.

This library table is called Harper.  I painted her a light grey and I think it enhanced the lines nicely.
I think it would be a perfect desk with its small drawer.

And, this bench is much cuter in person... trust me.  It has been so rainy and the Mr. just had to deliver her and take a photo inside.
Anyhow, her name is Sara (after a very sweet friend!)  and very nearly stayed here along one side of my dining room table!
She looks great with pillows on either end... the ruffly linen variety.

Here is a better view of the color along with a repro sign that Mr. Hughes made
He is quite talented!

Well, my sweets!  That is all I have for you today... I WILL be back on Friday with some Etsy Faves!

bye for now!


  1. i am glad you deviated with those chairs- they are awesome!!!! the twiggy twins rock!
    and that is awesome news about the local magazine! woo hoo!

  2. Yay! Congrats on the magazine articles! That's awesome. And Twiggy? Super cute.

  3. Yes, thinking that table would make a great desk. Nice pieces.

  4. Congratulations are the magazines articles. Very pretty chairs and table and long bench. Peaches is my dog's name. Cute sign.
    - Joy

  5. Very exciting - what did you write about? Hope you'll share it when the magazine is published. :-)

  6. that is so awesome michelle!!
    and um, if harper disappears in the middle of the night, i had nothing to do with it mkay!

  7. How exciting Michelle! You can now add "journalist" to your resume! ;o)

    Love the painted pieces, especially that cute little table with the drawer! *FABULOUS!*

    Stay dry...


  8. amazing new Michelle!!! so excited for you, can't wait to read the article!

  9. I meant *news* :)

  10. I loved that peaches sign from your last post and was trying to figure out how I could make something similar. How did your husband do it?

  11. Kudos to Mr. Hughes for replicating that sign. Now HIS is famous too. And a better deal!

    I think Twiggy's twin should be named...Twinny.


  12. ohh the chairs...they are darling, love the fabric, glad you changed it up a little with Twiggy!! and yipee on the article, can you share it here when it comes out, I would love to read it! you are going places my dear!

  13. Congratulations! That should be exciting - I hope you'll share when it gets published!

  14. That is so awesome about the articles!!! Congrats! You'll have to post the article when it comes out.

    Okay- I love every single piece you posted. I need that library table in a bad way. Wonder how much it would be to ship it to TX???

    And I'm cracking up because your Sara is almost identical to a bench I have in my house that I've been trying to decide what color to paint. I'm sending you a pic on email. It went with my parents old dining room table.

  15. Mr. Hughes here. The PEACHES is sign is based on one we saw for $700 which was just kinda dumb. But I really liked the layout and the lettering. I found a couple of pieces of painted wood that had been outside for years at an antique store. There are a lot of stores around here that are in the country and they just pile stuff up outside and it gets weathered. A lot of times it isn't priced so you just have to ask, I am always looking for old wood. To paint one of these find a design you like and blow it up in a graphics program on your computer to page size. If you need it bigger blow it up double the size and print it out a half at a time and then tape them together. Or, take the image to FedEx office and have them blow it up to the size of your board. Then use some carbon paper to transfer the design onto your board. I used acrylic paints. If you want to put your sign outside be sure to slather on a good couple of coats of matte poly with a big brush. Spray won't last as long. I should be putting some of these up on etsy soon, all will be based on old signage.

  16. Hi! Can I just say that I really love that you name your furniture! That is so adorable! You do great work and I always love reading your blog!


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