You guys....

.....are incredible!  You have given me so many suggestions on places we should visit to find where we belong.

Seriously, you really came through and I so appreciate it.  I don't know if it is the weather (very cold and snowy here) or thinking about The Plan, but I have been feeling a little ehhhh.  Well, I know what part of it is, I have been obsessing over this house (and glass towel bars... more on that later.)  Mr. Hughes and I started looking on just looking.  Well, he found one he liked in Tennessee.... then I found one I loved...

  maybe it is lust.  I am a dreamer for the most part.  Mr. Hughes, he's practical.  I will spend unmentionable amounts of money on purses, but all my socks will have holes in them, that sort of thing.  Well, I just couldn't get this house out of my mind, still can't actually.  I told him that he needed to find something wrong (besides the fact that we are totally not ready or able to move, because that wouldn't work.)  Well, he didn't like the crime rate of where it was.  Burst my bubble, but not enough.  So you want to see what it looks like... go take a look, and come right back....

..... so what did you think?  Of those moldings?  of that brick wall in the  kitchen?  Of the fact that the electrical and plumbing and HVAC are new?  And, totally within our price range.   So, I have resigned myself to convincing myself that it used to be a brothel and is haunted by angry ghosts of Ladies of the Night.  And raccoons are inhabiting it (saw some VERY disturbing things about raccoons on Dirty Jobs this week.)  And, also because I read a post from a much wiser woman than me: Mrs. Flower Patch Farm Girl.

What can I say?  The post spoke to me.  I still have that house redecorated in my head, but I am loving the one that I am with.  I truly do love our home and all the work that we have put into it.  So I am going to love the daylights out of this house.  The Plan is still on, but I am not finished with this lady yet.  I have a whole list of things that I still want to do here and we plan on being here for a while longer.  By all means, keep sending new towns my way.

oh by the way, the winners were drawn by this rockstar...

....kind of a crazy eye huh?  And here they are: Susan of Found Around  and Kiera of ChambersMade.

They won the pillows... ladies, please email me your addresses and I will ship them right out!


  1. That house is a beaut, but I can see something that scares me and may help turn you off. In that picture of the redish room with the fireplace, just to the left is a gnarly stain on the wood floor. Just think, there may have been a leak and it still might be a problem...just trying to help:)

  2. Okay now, you need to just shut. up.
    Really. :-)

    A house like that, here in my corner of God's country (Texas) would easily go for $350K. EASILY.

    I say keep it on your radar, but I'm sure you're gonna keep on looking, right?

    Is that Baby Hughes playing Rock Star?


  3. Anne knows her stuff! I thought the same thing!
    But think of the stain on the floor as a squished racoon! Happy continued hunting.
    smiles, alice

  4. that price is uh-mazing! Its so crazy for what you get for the money in different parts of the country! :)

  5. Belle ballade sur ton blog.

    bonne année 2010


  6. A squished raccoon, oh my gosh Alice, I want you shopping with me next time I go house hunting! You are too funny!


  7. LOVE THE HOUSE YOU FOUND!!!!! keep dreaming!

  8. That house is pretty fabulous. Your plan sounds so exciting!!!! All in good time :)

  9. I can see why you love/lust for that house.

    And, I have a town suggestion for you...what about the Hickory, NC area? We are currently scoping out the area. Hickory has been named the 10th best place to live and raise a family by Reader's Digest.

  10. wow...that house looks fantastic! those moldings are gorgeous! i live in franklin (best little town in the world)and no nothing of chatanooga... have you considered Padukah, Ky? they have insentives for artsy types to buy really cheap to live and work there. interesting concept...good luck!

  11. Wow! The doors and the stairway and the windows... whimper GORGEOUS!!!!

  12. I wasn't going to say anything cause really it probably doesn't make sense for your family, but there is a house for sale on my street, do you want to be my neighbor? hehe! I do have to say that house you have pictured is gorgeous...all in due time, all good things come to those who wait...(ugh it is so hard though, huh?) Happy weekend!

  13. Hi Michelle, I have to say that I'm quite familiar with looking for 'the town.' I left Los Angeles and moved to Maine to go to college but also to live in 'the town.' Eleven years later when I moved back west, I searched again for 'the town.' I spent an entire summer (this was when I was single) and drove to every town I knew or heard of in the western United States. I settled in one and met and married my husband there. But after we were married, another search for 'the town' began! So I think you'll know it when you see it but also, it will be the right time. Timing is everything. xoTrina

  14. Michele, I just can't wait to see the pillow! Thanks fo much for the generous gift! I will let you know when I receive it! Susan

  15. Sheesh, the price on that gorgeous house is'd never get a house like that here for even close to that price! The molding around the windows is the most spectacular thing I think I've ever seen...I can see why you love the place...

    Note to self, don't go searching the internet for new houses, you might like what you see...and we're not about to move!

    Love the heck out of your current home - great plan!!

    :) T

  16. I live in the same area as Fiona and Twig and she is right. $350 easily on a house like that. The one I want in our town that is similar just a tad bigger.....$899,000. And our money tree isn't growing. Darn it.

    But your house is too cute to part with right now.

    That pic of baby Hughes is priceless. Dudes got style!!

  17. Hey there friend! Adore the house...and those moldings...amazing! Good luck with The Plan. ;)


  18. ...oh my! That kitchen is FABULOUS!!! It's just charming....I just LOVE it! AND....that price? Geez... that's a good price! We here in California would NEVER see a house like that with a price tag like that...*sigh*


  19. Just found your blog and I have to recommend Madison, Georgia. Historic, old homes, town is beautiful, horse drawn buggy rides, wonderful restaurants, close to Lake Oconee (huge lake), about an hour from Atlanta, just charming!!! That is my dream home! Also Social Circle, Georgia for a smaller home town feeling... Home of The Blue Willow restaurant!

  20. OH my goodness, I LOVE LOVE that house! I cannot believe the price. That would cost 3 times or more here.

  21. We did our share of hunting. I have a link on my site that I used to find The Fairfield House.

    - Deborah

  22. Holy moly...the price of that house is amazing!!!! I love the exposed brick in the kitchen. One of my favorite things! Would love to see what you could do with that house with all your creativity. It would be incredible, I'm sure.
    Good luck with your planning!

  23. The woodwork in that house alone is amazing, not to mention the bricked kitchen and the price... The little stain on the wood floor can be sanded right up, I'll bet. Good luck, your house now is adorable, and will look fabulous with the new wood steps and rug. Like the rock star!

  24. Thanks so my pillow on Tuesday, but was having a crazy week, never had a chance to thank you for it!

  25. Glad to hear that my husband and I arent the only ones who feel alittle discontent with where we are! I came across your blog(very your style)and I got to reading all the places people had suggested. So many of them fit into what we are looking for as well. I hope you find exactly what you are looking for!
    Take care,


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