Happy 101

Coco gave me an award the other day.  Go visit her... you won't be sorry!  The girl is wacky!  And, as I lay around the house, I think I have narrowed it down to the top 10 things that make me happy.  Of course, I don't talk alot about it on my blog, but my faith definitely makes me happy.  And, it feeds the other things that make me happy.  I can't know happiness without it.

  1. My family... especially the Mr. and Baby Hughes variety.  They are truly my heart and soul and I adore them.  
  2. Houses and furniture and design. And all the shopping that goes along with it.  When I see a well designed space, my heart beats a little faster.  We seriously went trick or treating in an area where I wanted to peek at the houses.  Besides my family, design related stuff takes up most of the area of my brain.
  3. Oranges.  I love them.  Tangerines and tangelos are lumped in with them too.  I thank God every time I eat one.  Sadly, they don't always taste good.  But, when they do... mmmm!!
  4. Blogging.  I love finding new blogs and meeting new people who share this love.  My family and friends don't blog so they just don't get it... they are supportive, but it is nice to relate to so many of you who really get why I can't get ironstone and mercury glass off my brain.
  5. Margaritas.  Good ones... but after a few, bad ones taste pretty good too.  And, sangria. 
  6. Warm weather.  Right now it is 20 degrees in Tennessee... too cold for me.  I also love the beach.
  7. Twilight.  Seriously, I love it.  Adore it.  Can't read another book.  I really thought I loved the Harry Potter series, but I had never met Edward.  And, of course, now I have a major crush on Robert Pattinson.  It is okay though... Mr. Hughes loves Zooey Deschanel and Giada De Laurentiis.  
  8. Will Ferrell. I love a man that can make me laugh that hard.  
  9. Spa treatments, especially pedis with my sister... the ultimate girl time.
  10. Traveling and going to new places.  Even if it is just a short drive.  I love seeing a new place with all the buildings and history and houses.

Well there you go.... just a few of the things that make this girl happy.  And, now here is who I want to pass this on to....

  • Anne from Fiona and Twig
  • Gina from Shabby Chic Cottage
  • Rachel from A Little Bit Vintage
  • Kristen from Domestic Ease
  • Susan from Peanut Petunia
Just a few of the great people I have met through this wonderful bloggy world!


  1. Congrats on the award!
    I love Edward, too; who doesn't? EP doesn't do it for me though..not at all.

  2. Awww, you are so sweet, thank you! :-)

    I'm resisting the whole Twilight phenomena, but I'm sure I'll succumb eventually. I think my husband likes Giada too, although he denies it. Just like he denies being all gaga over the Ghost Whisperer chick, even though every times she's on, he's glued to the set. Yeah, riiiiight.

    S'okay, I've still got Mr. Depp. ;-)

    Happy 101!!!

  3. You picked some good blogs to pass this award along to! I love reading all your blogs! Congratulations~

    I laughed out loud about your hubby crushing on Giada. My man loves her too. I think her head is too large for her body. (Ok, I'm just joking. She's gorgeous. I just have to defend my ego! ;) And the girl can cook!) It's a long time running joke with us.

    Happy New year!

  4. congrats! we have alot in common!

  5. Me. Wacky? Really?

    Question. Is mercury glass more for the holidays? Or year round? I love it so.

  6. Ohh we have a lot in common! Number 5 makes me happy too and the more number 5's I have the happier I get!

  7. Love reading your list! I love oranges too... have a bowl on my table right now... care to join me for one!! Then we can top it off with a Margarita... luv those too!! then we can junk for treasures.

  8. Now that's a great list!! You're so funny! It is nice to have all of these blog friends that "get" our obsessions, isn't it??!!

    Congrats on your well deserved award!!!

    :) T

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  10. I know this is a really old post, but I've been reading your blog and started from the beginning last week or so. I had to comment here because you and I have so much in common it's scary! :) My dad lives in Murfreesboro so the next time we come down to visit, you and I definitely need to go antiquing together! :)



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