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You know, sometimes, I wish I was a Brit.  I mean, I have crushes on British men, ahem Robert and Jude.  I adore my Dundee Marmalade jars ( I think they started in Scotland though.) Love English gardens.  Boden and Mini Boden. And, I have a soft spot for the Union Jack.  Now, I have one more reason to hop the pond... Colporter London.  Catherine sent me such a sweet email flattering my taste (a sure way to butter me up) and asked me to take a peek at her and her husband's newest venture.  She even said I inspired their cards... wow!  When you see what they offer, you will understand why I am so, so flattered.  Their taste is impeccable and what they offer is amazing.  Things you don't see here every day.  I have my eye on the Union Jack pillows made of the different fabrics.   I would have totally posted some photos from the site, but I can't get the photos to drag on my Mac.  They have one of the greatest ideas I have ever heard:  a Colporter party:  this is where you get together for drinks and a bite and they show you their treasures.  And you get 10% off!  And the hostess gets 10% of the nights sales towards Colporter merchandise.  Wouldn't that be great for a housewarming?  It is like the best Tupperware party EVER.  So, go on over and look at their beauties.  And, Catherine is on Twitter, so you can follow her.  Now, if I can just convince my husband to let me go to London and host a Colporter party from the hotel room....


  1. I'm a Brit and I have Dundee marmalade jars. I have an English garden and a Union Jack cushion BUT I didn't know about Colporter, so thanks for enlightening me. They sell the most amazing things. They are now firmly in my favourites. XXXX

  2. That store looks great - their vintage inventory is beautiful. Yes, I believe a trip to the UK is in order. ;)


  3. I've never been to the UK, but oftentimes after reading too much British chick lit, I begin to use words like "colour," "sickie," and "jumper" (as opposed to "sweater").

  4. Oh, what a lovely site! Thanks for sharing!

    My dream has always been to go to Scotland and Ireland. The hubs says "someday"...we shall see. :)


  5. Gee, thanks.
    Now I have ANOTHER shopping obsession! ;-)



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