What Followed Me Home


This is my excuse from now on.  This stuff follows me home.  How could I turn it away or leave it outside?  I wouldn't refuse a cute puppy, so how can I refuse a wonderful, large ironstone bowl with patina AND a crack?  It would be heartless, so I brought it all home.  I made it home with a rusty birdcage that now holds a plant (hope it lives!)  And that wonderful bowl and the plate that is so, so perfect with the others on my plate rack in the kitchen.  That perfect oval frame that used to hold bubble glass.  Some folding cabinet frames (they are in the corner, my photo didn't turn out... it has been so rainy.)  And do you see those two little blocks on the plate... do you need a closer look?  okay!

How cute are my little silhouette printer blocks?  A little girl and a little boy!  I got them at Scarlett's.  I forgot to mention that we went there on the way home from Nolensville. If you are ever in the area, you should check it out.  And, please tell her that we sent you!  Mr. Hughes does design work here and there for her, and on one trip back from her store, he brought me a little boy block.  So, I decided that I must see if there was a little girl there.  And, there was!  Of course I couldn't leave the second little boy there, I mean c'mon!! And, here comes my major find.  Something I have been searching for....(no, not that medical cabinet.......)


It is a 10 gallon crown crock!!!! Aren't you excited?  Isn't it wonderful?  I'll admit, it is much larger than what I originally had in mind, but the price was right!  Here's a close up....

Now, the only problem is deciding if it stays in the entry where it will hold umbrellas.  Or, will I beg Mr. Hughes to lug it upstairs to the Studio where it will hold rolls of fabric....hmmmm....tough choice.  Well, I am off.  I hope to post a project involving those folding cabinet frames really soon!


  1. Very nice finds ... I'll start using that excuse too! I'm loving those little blocks and I'm SUPER jealous of the birdcage - I can't find one to save my life!

  2. I love the silhoettes! You find such cute things

  3. wonderful, wonderful finds! especially the silhouette blocks! i love that they "followed you home"!

  4. Very nice....what do you do with all this stuff that follows you home? I see so much I would love to follow me, I just do not have the room.

  5. Love your finds!!

    I'm curious, and maybe it is in bad taste to ask, but what did you pay for the crock?
    I just sold one and think i did not sell it for enough. And i have another one.

    thanks and blessings,

    barbara jean

  6. What great finds! I adore the precious pair of blocks with silhouettes. I'll be eager to see what you creative use you put to these. The crock is fabulous. I vote for the rolls of fabric in the studio. Such a unique and clever use! ~ Sarah

  7. Who could resist such a perfect bowl. I love it's shape.

  8. I love the crown crock and the little blocks. What wonderful finds!

  9. Hello sweet friend! I LOVE all of the lovely things that followed you home! I especially adore the birdcage and the crock....yum!!!


  10. Lovely finds. I so wish we had vintage stores here so I could share my finds. But I do have a great-aunt with a house full of old lovelies. So someday I might do a post about that.

  11. Hi! I just found your lovely blog!! I'm sad I missed your vintage numbers and letters party! What a great idea. I love things with letters and numbers, too!!

  12. your crock is just beautiful! Last time I was in Illinois, we went to this one antique store that only sold crocks...some of them were huge and they had huge asking prices on them too! If you use it as an umbrella stand put something soft like felt in the bottom so the tips of the umbrellas won't chip the crock. Happy Treasure Hunting!

  13. I just discovered your blog via French Larkspur and Vintage Modern Girl. I am seriously in lust with that crock. It was already cool enough without the number, but that #10 just pushes it right over the edge.
    Lucky duck!
    Have a great Thursday,

  14. Well, we have the same taste. I love, love ironstone and those large crocks with the crown & numbered markings. Those blocks are awesome. I'm envious. Nicely done!

  15. I love love love your finds. You need to come shopping with me - maybe you'll be able to spot the goodies I miss.


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