Letters and Numbers Party

Hi! Come on in! I am so glad you came to visit Vintage Junky for my first ever blog party! I know there are so many of you that LOVE numbers and letters as much as I do. I am obsessed... most everything looks better with some type. So here is some of my Numbers and Letters goodness!
My Napkins that I added vintage cowtags to...
...3 white vintage stools with my favorite number,789....
...our initial on our front door....
....numbers on our coffee table baskets (cough, toy hiders...)
....my collection of black and white crockery....
....vintage milk cooler....
....the self-explanatory entrance to our closet (and robe hook....)
...set of little plates that almost have my old initials and year of birth (yeah...I wish...)
....my pots that I got from My Sweet Savannah's etsy shop...
....my 1,2,3.  I don't really know what these are for, or what I will use them for, I just like them....
....vintage bingo cards...
....old printer's blocks...
....and the typewriter that Mr. Hughes insisted stay in his office!
Speaking of Mr. Hughes,  I also wanted to wish Mr. Hughes Happy Anniversary... this is the 5th anniversary of our 1st date ...we went to see Vanity Fair with Reese Witherspoon. I don't really remember the movie, but we talked after until 2 or 3 a.m. Life hasn't been the same since... in a good way!
That's all the letters and numbers I have... for now!!!  Thanks for stopping by! If you'd like to join in.....

....here is how this works:
  1. Write a post showing us all your numbers and letters. In the post, link back to this party post so that everyone reading your blog can see what everyone else has brought to the party. Click on the title of this post and copy the address bar to link back here.
  2. Come to Vintage Junky and add your name and permalink to your letters and numbers post to the list at the bottom of this post. To get the permalink, click on the title of your post for this party and copy the address in the address bar. The link you add should NOT be your blog's address ( ex: www.anyblog@blogspot.com) It will be much longer, like this ex: www.anyblog@blogspot.com/2009/09/title-post.html
  3. Make sure your link works. If you come back and your link has been deleted, just try again and make sure you are linking back to this Party Post and you leave the link for your Party Post. You can always email me or comment and I will help get you joined in!
Now, sit back and enjoy all the wonderful posts from the partygoers!


  1. Thanks for hosting the party! I am so in love with your cloche ... when you get tired of it, will you send it to me? :)

  2. Hi! I messed up on the first link I put up (#4). Are you able to delete it? I am so sorry!

    P.S. Your stuff rocks! It's funny that we have some similar things (i.e. the letterpress blocks and the typewriter)! Thanks for hosting!

  3. I just found you, and just in time! I joined your party--thanks for hosting! I love numbers, letters, and symbols!

  4. I had to come back by again today for all of your numbers and letters goodness :) Love, love, love all of your great examples! What a fun idea!!!

    :) T

  5. Thanks for hosting this party!! I just found out about it today and had to join....I am a fanatic for letters and numbers and had NO problem finding pictures for this party! Now I'm off to see what everyone else has....your stuff is great, I love it all!

  6. Love it all Michelle! Especially the stools and the old printers blocks! :)


  7. Hi
    Just couldn't get it together to join in - but I will next time. All these things are so fabulous - I love each photo.

    Saw a really old typewriter at Goodwill a few weeks ago, I looked to the right and poof someone picked it up while I was practically hovering over it. You just gotta be quick. Woulda loved those keys.


  8. Thanks for hosting the party! What fun. While my letters and numbers weren't necessarily vintage, it was fun to include them nonetheless.
    Your collection is great, especially love the old stools and the closet hook. I forgot to include my vintage typewriter, but that can wait until another day.

    Loving the party!

  9. Love all your numbers and letters. Have not got the bug yet but anything can happen :)

  10. You have the most stunning items!

  11. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful party. I love your collection.

  12. I almost forgot, I just wanted to let you know I grabbed your button to add to my sidebar.

  13. Love this idea! I am so jealous of your cool vintage "closet" hook and I am pretty sure I will be painting some numbers on some chairs or stools in the near future!

  14. Hello Michelle - thank you for hosting this fun party! I love all your numbers and letters. Especially the closet sign! So cool.


  15. Thanks for hosting...very fun. I had no idea how many letters/numbers I really had in our house! I love your old printers blocks!


  16. These are all so cute. Really like the number tags on the napkin rings. :)

  17. wonderful post and blog party. I wish I had known in time to get my head together. Love the cow tag rings! I may add a late entry. Congrats on your 1st party.

  18. oh girl, this is right up my alley...unfortunately I got lost in the alley and don't have pics to join in the party, next time I will ask for directions! happy anniversary! :)

  19. oh....I amjust so honored to be invited to your part...I loved seeing your photos and you have a fan/follower in me now. What a fun thing to do today...thanks for all the inspiration in one place!

  20. Love the stools!

    I saw an old typewriter at Goodwill yesterday, though not as old as the one you picture. Had it been, I would have bought it in a heart beat.

  21. LOVE your letters and #'s!! The bar stools and closet tag are my favs!! Tootles, janna

  22. What a fun idea! I love everything you posted. So sorry I didn't prepare. One of my favorite things is in the attic, filled with numbers and letters. I'll bring it down soon for Halloween. It's a vintage Ouija board. It's fun and just the right colors for my home. (Shame on me for letting work interfere with blogging :))

    The number canvas you asked about came from pottery barn, on clearance of course.

  23. bummer! i missed the party! i just posted about it on my blog! sorry i was late!

  24. thanks for the sweet comment! can i still hook up on your list? if not, i totally understand!

  25. HELLO!
    Just "discovered" you from One Gal's Trash. So much fun! Looks like your letters and numbers party was a hit! Can hardly wait to sit down and visit all the party-goers! Also looks like you had a fabulous giveaway. Awesome! I haven't gone back very far to get caught up, but sounds like you have a studio in the works. Wonderful! As soon as I catch my breath a bit (and find my camera) I am going to take new pics of the giveaway on my blog. Tomorrow? Monday? Hmmmm ... anyhow, great to "meet you" ... and feel free to drop by to say "hi".
    Hugs and have a super day!
    Betty :)

  26. Great party- I love your style. We could hang out for sure! Are you on flickr? Would love to see more of your home... I will check out your blog entirely and now you have a stalker fan in Arizona! flickr.com/photos/belladesignteam

  27. Now I see why you fell in love with that No. 7 milk cooler! Great post! We may be doing the Oct. show in Nashville.

  28. What a fun party! My favorite thing is the photo of the stools! Fabulous! I'm having fun checking out all the posts! Patti

  29. Hi Michelle,

    This sounds fun and I'd love to participate. I especially like your closet sign/hook and black and white pottery.

    Your Friend,


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