Last Weekend Lovelies

The Hughes clan went out to a few places this weekend as usual.  I actually have a little video of a cute new little antique store in Nolensville called the Roost.  It is next door to Three French Hens... also a place with wonderful finds.  I HAD to go back there last Friday to pick up Baby Hughes' sippy cup.  And, they were kind enough to hold that finial that I have lost sleep over. Remember?

So perfect!  Well, here it is in its new spot!

I put it on Mr. Hughes' armoire in our bedroom.  I have been working on projects here and there for our bedroom.  And, it is really starting to shape up...  I just really want hardwood upstairs too.  Our carpet is just the builder's grade and it is amazing how fast it wears out. YUCK!  But, that is in the future (distant!)  

Okay... back to the lovelies!
On Saturday, we went out to Carter's Creek Station.... one of my favorites.  Miss Linda owns it and she is a hoot!  So sweet and always has the best things.  Truthfully, I try to keep her a secret so I get all the best of the best!  Case in point, I have been lusting after this beautiful small armoire that had the best price and a finish that I wouldn't change (that is saying a lot... I paint everything!)  I was talking about it, drooling over it, imagining scenarios that it would work in our house.  And, wouldn't you know it, a lady came and bought it right there!!  I know she heard me lusting after it and it made her want it even more!  I hope she didn't paint it... want to see it?

Did I mention the price? $95!!  And the inside was in such good condition.... oh I wish it was here with me... just didn't have the space.  Wouldn't it be lovely in a nursery?  Oh, can you see the reflection of my little partner in crime?
Here is another lovely there that I am lusting over...

Sparkly huh?  I can't think of anywhere it would go... maybe the laundry room?  *wink*
Okay, one more

I love these simple brass chandeliers... we have a larger in this style that we painted white and is in our dining room.
I came home with one more little something that has had me busy moving and tweaking.  I can't wait to have it finished and take some photos of  it.


  1. That is just wrong that she bought it! What a great piece and I agree...I wouldn't have painted it either. I also love the chandelier...especially the second one. I have been looking for a petite one like that. Have a great day.

  2. Oh, I love that finial! It looks awesome with the hat on ... very masculine and fashionable!

  3. I wouldn't have been able to leave without that armoire......$95.00 !!!

  4. I love the finial... I too collect those very nice statement piece. Make today a wonderful one.


  5. That finial is so great...the hat is a great addition!


  6. Hey Michelle! LOVE the perfect!! Thanks for the tour on the antique store...I can see why you like it! It's adorable! Someday when I get out that way I'll have to stop in! ;)


  7. That is a great finial...nice find. I would've snapped that mirrored cabinet up as well. I have been looking for one and I am envious of the woman who bought it! Thanks for sharing your shopping excursion.

  8. Great stuff here girlie!!! Keep those pics coming...

    :) T

  9. Love the armoire- great lines. I am hoping to get one soon, but like you I need to make room. Wish there was a place like that close to here ;)



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