Make Your Monday- Touch of Grey

I am joining Kim at Twice Remembered for her weekly Make Your Monday Party.  I have  a few small projects that I worked on this weekend.  In my excitement to get them completed, I forgot to take before photos!   So here is the first little project completed:

I found my new favorite color of spray paint... stone grey.  So, I had some fun painting some different things lately.  This was a cheap gold metal frame before I spray painted it.  Then, I covered some cork tile (that slid perfectly in the slot in the back of the frame) in some grey wool fabric.  Then I took some of these really cool vintage letters that are push pins (I think they may have been used to make small marquee signs.)  I used "mi amor" (spanish for "my love") because that is what my father called my mother.  I looked for a wedding photo of them, but I couldn't find one, so I used one of my grandparents.

Here is the before of the next project I completed:

This is the not same one, but this cuckoo clock is very similar to the one that I transformed.
Here is what it looks like now:


I painted it with a coat of Ralph Lauren's Dove Coat.  I added chandelier crystals on place of the pine cones that are usually present.  And then for the final touch:


I added this pewter heart from a vintage necklace.  And, look closely and you will see a tiny thumb tack with the number 7 on it!  Now the cuckoo doesn't actually work.  I am planning on putting a clock mechanism in it, but I have to spray paint the hands black.

Okay, here is the last little project, and you are probably going to think it is silly!

I spray painted this old metal paint by number tray that Mr. Hughes brought home one day.  No one ever even finished the painting but, I have always liked the shape... so I sprayed it stone grey.  Then I got Mr. Hughes to print out my logo.  I attached it to magnet paper and covered it with contact paper so it wouldn't ruin if it got wet. I threaded some ribbon through the handy little hanger already present on back of the tray.  Then I put the whole tray on my flea market cart!  I didn't complete this one until after we came home from the flea market.  Can you believe we went twice this weekend?  I will show you my treasures that followed me home later this week.

Please remember

to come join me on Wednesday for my multiples party...

it will be lots of fun seeing what everyone buys lots of!

Okay...I am off to see what everyone else has made this week!


  1. Nice projects. Love what you did with the tray. How perfect! ~ Sarah

  2. Not silly at all! I love your flea cart, it's totally pimped out now!
    You rock!

  3. I love the tray! I can see why you wanted to redo t. The shape is so nice.

  4. Who would have thought to transform a cuckoo clock? But it is totally awesome, and so unique. I'm going to have to track down both your paint them.

  5. I love all of your projects. The coocoo clock reminded me of my Grandmother. She always had one in her kitchen.

    I hope you will come by for a visit. I have a Knock Off party every Monday, a Celebrate the Holidays party on Wed and Its So Very Cottagey home tour every Fri.

  6. I love that tray , your logo is fantastic it looks perfect there .

  7. you are so clever!! love, love, love your choice of grey paint!

  8. I love seeing your projects! They turned out so great!!! Looking forward to the flea finds :)

  9. what great projects! i love them! i have a frame very similar waiting to be painted! i am loving that gray! i think i need to go buy me some! and that tray! what a great idea! you know, i think i saw a couple of ugly trays like that the other day! i should of grabbed them! maybe their still waiting for me!

  10. Yes. The tray is bliss. I'll be joining your linky party on Wednesday too....

  11. LOVE it all Michelle! I can't wait to see what you picked up at the Flea Market!


  12. I love all of your little projects! And I don't think the tray idea was silly at all. It looks so great!! And I love that grey paint. Very nice! :)

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting on my armoire makeover. I like it so much better white. Now I'm going on a furniture painting rampage. Everything is going white!! He he. :)

  13. Great projects! Really like the clock makeover.

  14. Love the tray, what a great idea!


  15. I really enjoyed all three of your projects {and I don't think your tray was silly at all!} I, too, love the shape! And I especially like your clock transformations...that's a pretty color that you're using!

  16. Ooooh... I love all of them!! My fav is the first!! So pretty...


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