Small, Inexpensive Transformation

Today I am joining sweet Gina at the Shabby Chic Cottage for her weekly blog party.  I am sliding in at the last minute.  This past weekend while lugging my treasures to the car, I saw these old cabinet doors literally laying on the ground.

  Two of them had plastic fake flowers melted to them  But they looked like they were in okay shape other than that, so I rushed inside to see how much the owner would take for them.  There were 3 large and 1 small.  And she said $20 for all.  SOLD!!    I took them out today and cleaned them and got all of that nasty plastic flower residue off of them.  Then I stapled burlap that I had left over from Baby Hughes' birthday decorations.  On the first , I was trying to be neat and tidy and hide the staples.  Well, on that that one the staples went through.  So, on the other two, I wasn't as neat and I stapled the burlap to the thicker part of the wood.  Perfect!  I remembered I had these little clips leftover from some drapery rings.  So, I looped them through the open weave of the burlap.  Then I found some photos and vintage prayer cards and clipped them right up.  So here is what they look like now:

I love the way that they look in front of the window, but, Baby Hughes will most likely knock them off. So, I will probably hang them up in our bedroom. Or I may find a window in a room that Baby Hughes is never in.  I am still undecided.  Well, I am off to see what I have missed at the party so far!


  1. I'm new... Thought I would take a gander since Happy Nester thought your blog was so special, have to agree with her! I love your idea with the screen, and I am especially fond of old photos, even if they aren't mine.

  2. Okay, I promise I'm not stalking you today, but I just have to comment on one more of your posts....this is freakin' awesome! I'm gonna do something similar to this in my booth with the miles of burlap I have at home.

    I love the way you refer to the bambino as Baby Hughes...too cute!
    ~ Anne

  3. I love it ... I'm in the midst of planning how to display some family photos myself. You did great!

  4. What a fabulous deal on the doors! I love what you did to them!!! So cool!!

  5. What a great idea and for $20 you can't beat that!!

  6. what a great idea! i love how you saw something ugly and came up with something beautiful!

  7. I'm SO loving this, friend! You are one creative girlie! ;)


  8. SO cute! You did a great job, and what a steal!

  9. I love what you did!! So creative :)

  10. I Love this idea!!! I have a couple of doors that I just might have to steal...err....borrow your idea for :)

  11. I'm such a sucker for old photos! Such a great way to display them

  12. I just love it!!! such a great idea!!! beautiful.


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