Weekend treasures

First of all, every weekend is a treasure to me.    Two whole days uninterrupted by work that I get to spend with Baby and Mr. Hughes,  so, so wonderful.  Many weekends, we go treasure hunting at least one day.  Baby Hughes is surprisingly good and he seems to like it.  As long as he finds a couple of fans or air conditioners that blow in his face, he is happy.  These times are going to come to an end soon, and then the Mr. and I will have to take turns at the treasure hunting.  This suits Mr. Hughes just fine as I am selfish and have no patience for the paper hunting that he does, ephemera he calls it!  I am quick when I go through a store and this irks him.  We just have different hunting styles.  Anyhow, back to this past weekend.  On Saturday, we went to Bellevue and continued on to Dickson.  And, I was disappointed.  I felt as if we wasted a whole day.  I only found a few things.  Then, after we went to church on Sunday, we got the itch again.  We went to Nolensville and found a whole load of stuff!  We went to Three French Hens and their sister store The Roost.  They had recently changed out many booths and they were full of Vintage Junky style!
Here are some goodies!
They had a black one just like this!  I am kicking myself for not getting it!
Another thing I am kicking myself for not snatching!  I now have the perfect spot and idea for this treasure!
mmmmm! Lovely in all its rusty splendor!
Can't you just see this with an oilcloth or even burlap seat?  Perhaps with a number tied to it?
Why didn't I get this?!?
Cast iron + stone mushrooms
Lovely window... wait to you see what is in the booth behind the window!!
The best displays!  Look at those hydrangeas!
FABULOUS!!!  Child's swing with a sweet birdy and moss balls!
Look at all the lovelies!
Such a great idea!
Then, we headed on down the road to an antique store in an old church (no, not a cool old church,  think 1970s.) But, they have some incredible finds and are adding many more vintage treasures all the time.  I, unfortunately can't remember the name... I refer to it as the old church on the hill.  
Would be beautiful painted white and rusty.  Or how about black?
And, this was where the marble mantle died... struck my funny bone!!
We finished up there.  I graciously let Mr. Hughes look at the book room without breathing down his neck or pacing back and forth.  Baby Hughes and I went out to the car and had lunch and listened to music.  I hope to go back really soon, maybe even this weekend.  And, I have a perfectly good reason.  Silly mommy left Baby Hughes' sippy cup (one of his favorites) and the sweet lady has it saved back for me to go pick up... I think he really NEEDS it soon.  Very soon!  And Mommy may accidentally bring back that chippy finial and a black milk jug.  
I hope to post photos of all the treasures that did find a home with us later today! 


  1. Such great finds! I would have kicked myself for not getting that wooden finial, it's to die for!

    I've got to get around to going up that direction, we go north and south, but never east or west for some odd reason....

  2. I wanted everything in those pictures! Awesome treasures!

  3. Mmmmm....great lovelies you showed us today. Michelle! ;) You and I have the same junking style! LOL! My hubs is like Mr. Hughes and likes to take his time....me on the other, not so much.

    Hugs to you friend,

  4. Oh, I love everything! Great photos...and yes, that finial is amazing!


  5. Wow, amazing stuff. I am smitten by the old rusty milk can and the fetching lawn chair.

  6. I love all the goodies... I want them all too, the mantel is way to clever :) enjoy your evening.


  7. What would we do w/o husbands who support our habit? Great finds.

  8. Great stuff...and out of all the blogs for me to pick to follow I was amazed that I picked one that apparently lives around my area! I was reading and thinking...wow, I have a Dickson around here, and a Bellvue...and then when you hit Nolensonville, I knew! How wild is that?

  9. went back and read my post and realized I spelled Nolensville wrong...oops!

  10. Great finds! No matter how many treasures I come home with, I always kick myself over something...

  11. Lots of treasures there. Another blogger mentioned the old church antique store back a while ago and I can't rmember who it was. I am hoping to make a trip to Franklin this Fall.


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