Rainy Day Shopping

Ladies and Gentleman!  It is WET here.  In case I have never mentioned it or you may have missed it, we live in Tennessee, just outside of Franklin.  And, it is flooding.  Thank goodness the only thing we are suffering from is boredom and a kid that is more hyper than usual due to some steroids to get rid of a crazy, awful rash.  But, it is bad out here... I have never seen anything like it.  We couldn't leave without a boat...no joke.... and it is still raining.  Anyho, to take my mind off the rain, I am now sitting around, waiting for my toes to dry (Mr. Hughes can paint toes very well... don't tell him I told you *wink*) and doing a little online shopping. So, I have to ask your honest opinion on this top that I saw in Chattanooga....

I had seen the little girl dresses before and they are precious, but I saw a top like this layered over a long sleeve white tee and paired with some jeans...

I think it is cute, but is it TOO cute?   I love Amy Butler fabric.... I guess I am wondering if it will make me look pregnant.  Any of you ladies have a top like this.... do you like it or do you get constantly get told how cute you look and whether it is a boy or a girl. Oh, and the top was found here.

On a serious note again, please pray for all of these people  here in Tennessee that aren't enjoying a pedicure and online shopping.  It is nasty stuff and people are losing homes... and worse yet, loved ones.  If you live in this area and you are reading this, please let me know that you are okay.


  1. Hi Michelle,

    Sorry to hear about all the rain and flooding. Hope you guys stay dry.

    Regarding the top. I don't know if you remember the post I did on Liberty of London a while back. I purchased a dress that everyone commented that they liked and thought I should keep. I wound up returning it b/c I thought it made me look pregnant and also was too little girly for me. So there you go. Although this top looks a lot more sophisticated to me. Good luck with your decision.

  2. I do hope that you and your family are safe and my heart goes out to those that are affected by the floods.

    I like the top and I think it will look great on you.


  3. I cannot believe the amount of rain you all are receiving. My thoughts and prayers are with those who are suffering as a result.

    I think that particular top is cute--looks very Anthropologie-inspired to me. I like the color palette of it and the mix of prints--very "in" this season.

  4. I live in Middle Tn and we also had a lot of rain but nothing like you all. My kids actually pulled out a raft and floated down the front yard and down behind the neighbors house. It was crazy...crazy fun!

    My prayers have gone out to all the Nashvillians also.

    I personally love the blouse and think that if you have the right figure, it doesn't matter if it makes you look pregnant.

  5. Take care out there, I hope the rain subsides for you. I too like to do a little on line shopping basket shopping when couped up. I put it in the basket and pretend to shop. I remove what I don't want and feel like I spent a few dollars. Couped up fun!

  6. Glad you checked in! I am high and dry and very thankful for that. My prayers go out to the victims of all of devastation.
    Stay safe.

  7. I think the top is super cute and fashionable. I dont' know if I could pull it off, but it would be fun trying.

  8. I live in Bowling Green, KY (about an hour from Nashville) and we are flooding out here too. Schools have even been cancelled. No damage personally, but neighbors all aroung me are really struggling.

  9. I think my husband better call and check on his brother in Franklin!!
    I love your top. I wish my arms were young and skinny enough...I'd wear it!

  10. That top is darling. Precious!!!!! Go for it.

    Praying for the rain warriors.......they need it!

  11. Oh dear!!!! I hope all this rain stop soon. Glad to read that you are doing fine=0)

    The top is super cute. I don't think people will think you look like there is a bun in the oven.


  12. Praying for you Tennesseeans. Glad you are okay.

    Funny about the Mr. and his toe nail painting skills. My dad paints my mom's toenails. And he is awesome.

    Love the top. I would wear it with shorter shorts. That would make it less girlish. Makes sense? I may have to make the purchase as well.

  13. I am sorry to hear about all the rain and flooding.
    I love your pillows and bags. I have a small, shop in Spokane Wa that is doing very well. I would love to have some of your items to sell in my shop. Can you contact me about wholesale? Thanks so much!! I will keep you and your neighbors in my prayers.

    Leslie Willmann
    Orphaned Decor
    Spokane WA

  14. oh goodness, that is some nasty rain, huh? On-line shopping sounds like fun though...oh lordy I am no help in the clothing area I wear tops I am sure make me look preggers and I uhem, have nothing up top so that limits me too! oh well it could be worse right! :) stay dry friend!

  15. Hey friend! LOVE the shirt! I would say get it! ;)

    My sis lives in Clarksville and has been telling me about all the rain and crazy weather. She has two little ones at home and is about to pull her hair out cause they can't run their energy off outside. LOL! Hope you get some relief soon. :)


  16. Hi Michelle,
    I'll definitely keep you and everyone else in your corner of the world in my prayers.

    I think that top is darling! It would look just cute enough on you. Not *too cute*, as you said. Do it!


  17. HI - you and your family are in my prayers - my husband just yelled out to me that nashville was expected to get more flooding - he said that at the exact moment i clicked on your blog!!! wierd huh

    I love the shirt - but it depends if you are short or not like me - (5ft) - any shirt of that type makes me look pregnant -
    I love the cute loose fitting tops for the summer w/ tanks underneath but it's really hard to not look prego -
    unless your tall- then you can pull it off!!

    good luck

  18. I'm praying the rain stops and the flooding ends.... so terrible.
    I love the color of the top and style... I say yes if the fit is just right, meaning not to floaty.

  19. Stop by and see me. I have an award for you.
    Have a wonderful day!

  20. Love that top. I could never pull it off - but you should go for it so we can admire it on you :)

    Hope you are staying dry and well. Ill send you dry thoughts for the coming days.

  21. Hey friend! You have an award waiting for you on my blog. :)


  22. Thanks for the post. I hope that all is well.

  23. Dear Michelle,
    I have seen the awful devastation that the rain has done in your area, on the news here in the U.K. It must be awful. I'm glad that you are O.K. and, I will be thinking of all of the poor people who are suffering through the terrible weather.
    On a lighter note,the top is really pretty and, the only negative thing that I would say is that, a halter neck never looks nice if you are big in the bust area !!!! It accentuates it and makes you look even more pregnant !! Apart from that....go for it !
    Here's hoping that the weather improves for you. I'll be thinking of you. XXXX


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