Recent All- Mine Finds and a Sneak Peak

We went to the Flea Market last weekend and then took a little road trip back to Bell Buckle this weekend.  So, I thought I would show you my All- Mine Finds.  I found a little chair for baby hughes so I can put a #3 on it and put it on our front porch with the mommy and the daddy chair... it is going to get a coat of black paint first though.  That quilt you see looks like it has H's all over it. It is most definitely an antique and was $15.  It is in poor shape... it got a nice long bath today and it is stained and torn... but it will make a bright fun beach/ picnic blanket.  I thought I might be able to use it in the babaroo's room, but it is too far gone.  And, do you see that big canvas bin?  Well, it is something that I have wanted for awhile now.  I saw a stack of 3 on metal stands for $30 a piece...not so bad unless you spent all your flea market money before you got halfway through the flea market.  Oh I pouted over it... then I went to the end of that row and saw this one, unpriced.  I got it for $5!!  So glad I waited.

I have picked up a few of these crown jars and this really cool Atlas one that reminds me of sea glass.  They will be perfect to use as vases for my hydrangeas. So, that is all that I found lately.  
We have been working on projects for the booth.  But, we have been having a good time doing it... I guess it is true what *they* say... If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life... (Mr. Hughes doesn't like this quote because it is overused... He says for me to take my optimism down to the bank and see if they will cash it...) Pooey on him!!  Well, anyhow, I thought I would show you a small sneak peak of the booth stuff

An awesome violin case painted white that I am going to use for a display

and this is a whole mess of stuff that we have been working on.  Well, the rain as stopped, so I need to go see if it ruined all the stuff that I have been painting... bye for now!


  1. I just found a crown jar last week and was soooo excited, I just love the look of them! The canvas bin is very cool too, lucky you to have spent all of your money when they were $30., yours is ofcourse so much better at $5.! Looks like you had a great time, yes I can measure that by the fab finds you're taking home... the aqua frame is so pretty too, Theresa

  2. hi michelle,

    is Hs what i think it is?

    love the chair for baby. a no. 3 will look so good on it.

    your husband and mine should get together sometime, i have a feeling they'd get along great!


  3. Great buys.....Bell Buckle is a neat place.

  4. Yeah, pooey on him!


    Just kidding, Mr. Hughes is da bomb.
    My husband is the same way sometimes, it's a good thing. I tend to ping from one shiny thing to another, I need to be grounded.

    Super super finds, your booth is going to be so stinkin' cool.

    Loves ya,

  5. oh dear, that is soo what the pool man would say too, phooey on all of keep that you can do it attitude missy!! love all the goods, and the quilt would make a great picnic blanket for sure! Glad you had a good weekend...I am sad it is over so soon. xo

  6. Love the canvas cart... very industrial. I hope you have a great day!


  7. i love that quilt! i'm a sucker for the worn and torn ones. i think that means they were more loved.

    i really like the aqua frame i see peaking out of your booth goods. that's gonna sell quickly!

  8. great stuff! looking forward to seeing the booth!

  9. I'm just craving a good junk hunting weekend. Love what you found,

  10. great finds especially the canvas bag! i just love, LOVE the nashville flea!

  11. by any chance is the chair for baby Hughes a stickley? It looks just like a pair my mother got from an old school house!

  12. Michelle,

    You've got a wonderful eye! I love all your finds. What are you going to use the old canvas laundry bin for? I have spied one (still available) but not sure where or what I could do with it. (and if I bring another piece in that doesn't have a place ... well let's not go there!) I hope I make it to your lovely shop one day. I'll be sure to rent a box truck first!

    Your Friend,

  13. Love the Crown and Atlas jars! And can't wait to see Baby Hughes' chair all painted up. I'm dying to see your booth when it's all set up.
    You're so talented and have such creativity!

  14. love your flea market finds this week - can you tell me where the flea market is and what days of the week it is open?

  15. I would love to know more about the flea market. Is it the one in Franklin? I plan on visiting there in the fall. Maybe we can meet up if everything goes as planned.


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