Just Keep Swimming

The title seemed fitting...we are busy, busy, busy! Plus, we have been watching quite a bit of Finding Nemo lately, and Cars, of course.  We got a goldfish recently... I wish I could spell his name.  baby hughes named him.... it kind of sounds like the noise of some taking a bite out of an apple.  I call him Chomp. 

 I am keeping swimming while my head is flooded with *stuff* Booth stuff, etsy stuff, house stuff, 2nd birthday party stuff.  I have so many ideas and plans and not enough time to accomplish them all.  So, I took a break to take some pretty photos of what is happening outside my front door.  The bugs didn't take down my gardenia topiaries... and it is starting to smell like heaven outside my front door (my heaven smells like gardenias and waffle cones and baby with sunscreen with a splash of grapefruit... what does yours smell like?) 

We have been busy this week painting and screenprinting and stenciling stuff for the booth.  I still have to get my big piece painted.... that will have to wait to tomorrow.  Thank goodness for the long weekend!  And, I need to find time to update the etsy shop with some of the new stuff that we have started making. But, that will have to wait until after next Friday.  Plus, I have all the sudden wanted to start working on birthday party stuff for my little guy, we are having a "Whooo's Twooo?" party complete with all kinds of owl stuff... I am wanting to get a the rescue society to come out with some owls, but that might just be too much for the little guy.... not baby hughes.  The owl.  He would probably want to love it to death like Lenny.

Aren't they pretty?  Usually they are pink, but one day I watered them with the same can that I fertilized the gardenias with... and it turned them kind of blue.  It was a nice surprise.  I am glad that it blew up with flowers this year so I don't feel bad for taking a few and putting them in the house.

This is seriously the only pretty part of the house.  Every surface is covered with something.  Toys, projects, the floor is crunching from all the little *accents* that baby hughes has been throwing about.  And, we have a playdate tomorrow, so I need to clean on top of it all.  But, taking a short break just seemed more fun.

Hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!  We will be here, dealing with all the *stuff* and probably have a few beers and margaritas.



  1. Funny, that you mention all the stuff you have going on over at your house...join the club! Happy a great weekend.

  2. I will be over at oh say 4:00 saturday for happy hour, and yes salt please on my margarita, I will bring the boy so he can entertain your boy and I will be the pool man so he can build with your man, and that leaves us to giggle and drink the afternoon away, sound good? be over in a snap! muwahhhh!

  3. Wow, those hydrangeas are absolutely superb! Gorgeous! Love to look at all of your fresh flowers.

    Your Whooo Twooo party is ingenious, what a perfect idea. Can't wait to see what you create!

    Have a fantastic Holiday weekend!

  4. Oh, I love this post!

    I love your literary reference to Of Mice and Men, I just *knew* you were a smarty pants, hehehe!

    I think a real live owl might cause Baby Hughes to blow a circuit, he'd be so stinkin' excited!

    Gorgeous hydrangeas, my favorite flower!


  5. What a cute idea for Baby Hughes' birthday party! Can't wait to see pics from that. And I can't wait to see your booth and all of the goodies you'll be selling.

    Good luck getting it all finished. Have a great weekend!

  6. SO pretty! Have fun creating! Happy weekend, friend!


  7. Haha- I just had to comment on this post. You see I just bought my grandson two goldfish from Wally-world and we named them: Dorothy (elmo's fish on Sesame Street) and the other one we named: Nemo...then I went and bought him Finding Nemo on dvd...how fun!!!

    btw- I love your pictures on here, so beautiful <3

  8. Hi Michelle,
    Your gardenias are so beautiful as are your hydrangeas. I think it's when the soil is acid that the hydrangeas turn blue. I love the blue ones. They look lovely in your jug.
    I really like the theme of baby Hughes birthday party. Very clever. He will LOVE it.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Michelle. XXXX

  9. Michelle,

    So clever -- whos two party in keeping with Baby Hughes obsession with owls! Your gardenias are stunning. Mine is depressed bordering on suicidal. The hydrangeas can turn white, blue or pink depending on the acid in the soil.

    Enjoy your holiday. Don't be too concerned with the state of your home. Everyone in blog land is reporting the same conditions due to end of school year, gardening, etc.

    Your Friend,

  10. OY!!!! Love you hydrangeas!!! The color is so gorgeous=0)

    Our whole house is so CRAZY right now and I can only imagine how it will be after this weekend, LOL! Put stuff away....some how it finds its way back out, LOL!

    I'll have a cocktail for the both of us. Gotta take one for the team=0)

    Have a fun weekend,

  11. Happy holiday weekend, my friend! Love your hydrangeas - they're beautiful!

  12. Nothing to say but :)

    Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!


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