Moss Terrariums: A How To + a giveaway

First of all, thanks to all the advice and encouraging comments on my last post.  I am getting really excited and want to be ready ASAP!  We are going out of town this weekend and we have guests the next, so you better believe that every spare moment I am going to be working on getting stuff ready for the booth.  I want to be in by the beginning of June.  I got a larger piece last night that is waiting for paint.

Well, back to the matter at hand... terrariums.  I bought these really cool vintage canning jars at the Bloomin Garden Show and I was inspired to change things up in the living room... I was thinking a little beachy, a little green... so I decided to get some moss and try some moss terrariums. I have made a terrarium before with plants and it was a success.  So much of a success that I was afraid the plant was going to lift the lid and strangle me in my sleep... it was that big!  With that in mind, I decided to do these... they are pretty simple.

First, you will need a clean container with a lid... I like glass, but you can use plastic.

Then you will need (right to left) potting soil, activated charcoal (keeps your terrarium fresh) and small pebbles... if you use small pebbles you will not need cover moss (the cover moss keeps the soil from washing into the stones.)  I used pea gravel which is small, so I didn't use a cover moss.

Of course you will need moss... I bought mine here and she sent me some assorted varieties.

And, the important stuff... fun little decorations!

First, add a layer of pebbles

Then, a layer of activated charcoal

Then, your potting soil.  Arrange your moss on top of the potting soil.  Moss doesn't have roots so you don't have to dig it down... just press it gently on the soil.

Then, arrange your terrarium with your little shells, figures, what ever you like....

I have a thing for vintage clock faces and baby hughes has a *small* obsession with owls.  We found a tiny one in Bell Buckle, so I had to add him.

Then, mist  (don't water or soak) your terrarium and put the lid on the container.  You will need to mist it every 4 weeks.  The condensation that accumulates will "rain" back down on the moss to keep it moist. Place your terrarium in an area that gets plenty of indirect sunlight, artificial light is okay too.

So , after I made my terrariums, I went to work collecting stuff from around the house that went with the beachy terrarium vibe I was looking for.  And, here is what I came up with...

I added my giant crown crock with a fern on the hearth.

I left my mirror up and added some starfish and some coral and seashells

I won Faded Plains giveaway and I got a couple of these numbers.  I tied them around a jar full of sand from St. Martin where we went on our honeymoon.  I bought the coral from a shop on Tybee Island.  

I used some "faux" terrariums that I made last year... they have dried branches and dried moss in some little vintage baby bottles.

You can see the condensation forming and my clock faces.

I had so much fun making them... I am thinking about making some for my booth and maybe for my etsy shop too.

And, I decided to make one for one of you!  

This small vintage jar has all the essentials and I added some clock faces and a piece of coral.  Then, I tied it all up with some vintage ribbon and an enamel broach.

So, here is what you have to do to win... just leave me a comment.  That's all... you don't have to be a blogger, just be sure to leave your email if you aren't.  If you want extra credit points, tweet it or post about it and let me know and I will give you an extra entry.

 I will draw the winner next Tuesday evening.  

Good luck! 
Wish ME luck keeping little fingers away!

oh, and speaking of giveaways...scoot on over to see Anne at Fiona and Twig!


  1. I think that I've said it before, I love these, and since I've seen this. I've been collecting a few jars from the many pickles my oldest son eats.

    PS, the owl I LOVE. Something about owls.

  2. I think your mantle came together perfect.The jars are so neat.I love the look you gave them using the older lids.

  3. oh my i love it! so great- i love the number tag you used, and the owl just makes it! i just did a table with an owl on it- come over and check it out if you have time! i seriously need to make some of these little mossy terrariums- LOVE!

  4. Thanks for this great tutorial! I have been wanting to incorporate something like this into my home. I also have broken out my starfish and shells already :)

    Best of luck this weekend!!!!

  5. I love terrariums, yours are so nicely done!

  6. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! I never knew about the importance of adding charcoal. Your mantel looks stunning. Please enter me in your giveaway. I would love to have your terrarium on MY mantel! I invite you to enter my giveaway.


  7. I would certainly be drawn into your new booth by these cute terrariums! And your pillows of course! Can't wait to see the new space all gussied up! Count me in for the giveaway please!

  8. I love terrariums because I can have a "living" thing that the cat can't get to. I enjoy reading your of my favorites!

  9. I love these!! What a way to add a summer feel to you home. I also love your crock..I got a 5 gallon crown crock for my mama... it's waiting for her to pick it up next time she visits (obviously waaaaay to heavy to mail!) But now it's been here for a few months, and I know I'll be sad to see it go!

    BTW- I have been looking around- where in the world do I find activated charcoal? Can I find it at Home Depot or Lowe's?

  10. ohh ahh ohhh ahhh, love love love these, cause they are easy to grow, me and easy well we are BFF's!! Michelle, seriously love these, and the little items you have in them are just perfect, why can't you be my neighbor?? have fun this weekend, where are you going?

  11. Thanks for being so inspirational. I don't have a blog but love going through yours.

  12. I would love to win the terrarium! I'm all about low-maintenance plants. I also really love your mirror over your fireplace! Where did you find it, and did you paint it?

  13. The mantal looks great, love that mirror! I would love one of these, thanks for the chance!

  14. Just-darling! I would so love to win this!

  15. First things first...
    Thank you for the shout-out!

    And congrats on your big win, I am just green!

    And your terrariums? Genius. I think you're really on to something, prepare to sell LOTS.

    Love ya, and LOVE that last pic of the little owl-loving stinker himself!


  16. gosh, I love your terrariums -
    great job and so sweet to give one away -
    I may have to try one when I get back

  17. So fun! Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. This is so generous. I love the little owl in your first terrarium. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. I would love to win one of your terrific terrariums. Thanks for the tutorial and if I don't win I can make one with your directions.



  20. It would be so great to win this! I love terraniums.


  21. Gorgeous gorgeous terrariums and the owl makes me smile. Your display is so pretty and chic. Love the combo of all your elements, very stylish!

  22. The little terrariums are great! You think I might could win 2 give-aways from you?! Susan

  23. love this tutorial! i've been wanting to try my hand at creating a terrarium for a while but haven't had the time. i really love the one you're giving away though!!

  24. Thanks for the chance to win this - I would love to surprise my hubby with this!

    I have added this to my sidebar at Create With Joy!


  25. Your terrariums are lovely!!! I'm glad I found your wonderful blog tonight....Have a great weekend!

  26. Aren't those charming? My sis and I made small ones at our Mom's house...her house is in the middle of some woods, so we mucked about looking for moss and even found some tiny ferns. I love your mantle, so serene looking!

  27. Love these! Crossing my fingers!

  28. How fun! A great how-to and a great inspiration!

  29. OOOOHHH I love it! I shall be stopping by the thrift this afternoon to look for a new terrarium jar!

  30. It's SO adorable!!! Good job :) Crossing my fingers ;)

  31. It's just darling. Love everything you've done!!!

  32. The terrariums are cute as a bug's ear! Love them! I need to get some moss! Thanks so much for showing us how they are made! :)

  33. My son and daughter thought it world fun (educational) to learn about the way moss works. We collected lots of different kinds of moss, and cleaned out an old flower bed. The bed was 3 ft by 2ft. We filled that thing up! We had some success, with our bed. We were so proud of that thing.... till my husband came home from the doctor. HE'S ALLERGIC TO MOSS! GREAT!!!
    When I found your website, I was overjoyed to know that the moss can be put into a jar with a lid! You saved us woman! Now we can have our mini moss garden after all.
    BTW my daughter calls moss Indian Carpet how clever of her.
    So, again thanks for your help on the website!!

    Sandy, Jarod, Erin Gosselin


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