What I Keep Wednesday: Urban Farmgirl

Hello and Happy Wednesday!  Time for another What I Keep.  Now, I have seen some of the items that this adorable blogger has found. Hey, I have bought some of those items.  So, I really wanted to know what she keeps... welcome, Mary from Urban Farmgirl!

{Somebody pinch me!} Am I really over here guest posting on one of my very favorite blogs of all time?? I am humbled...and grateful to Michelle for asking me to share with ya'll what I keep when I go out on my little junking adventures...so here it goes.

Let me start by saying I am out junking, hunting, picking...whatever you want to call it...a lot. As in 3-5 days a week. I have a path worn into the road between all my local haunts, I know all the cashiers by name, their kid's names and what they like in their coffee. Personal relationships are sooooo important in this business! On top of all that I work for an estate sale company 2-3 sales a month, and I am a regular at the auction circuit within a 100 mile radius of my home. I am so very lucky to live in an area where I can find such awesomeness, and I love to it share with all of you through my Etsy shop. But, there are a few things that just don't seem to make it that far.

In the beginning I wanted to keep EVERYTHING. I loved it all so much, I just couldn't let it go. One day I realized that I was destined to be the subject of a Hoarders episode if I didn't learn to let go. I had to realize that there was someone out there that would love and enjoy all these fabulous things just as much as I did, so that made it ok to let them go to new homes and live a happy life. 

But, since we are here to talk about What I Keep...lets get to the few things that, if found, are mine for the long haul. 

Top of that list...

Old metal Tonka trucks.

What says Farmgirl better than a beat up old truck?? Nothing, says me. So until I get the real-deal...I am on the hunt for these. White, pale green, light blue, tan...I am currently looking for the perfect red one to put out at Christmas. I love them all.

There is one thing that I can always spot among tables of "stuff" at a sale. From across a crowded auction barn I see its pale glimmer and am not too proud to knock everyone out of my way to get to it.

Galvanized metal.


I am mesmerized by its simplistic beauty. Its raw look. It is as though we were always meant to be together. I don't mind if it comes in the form of a bucket, a basin or a tool box...its mine. But secretly, the toolboxes are my favorite because they were always...always...handmade. That makes me happy.

Another favorite...chippy white scales. I started out saving any color I would find, but have since narrowed my scope to just white. {LOVE...}

Ironstone has always been my true love. I received my first piece after begging for it for my 21st birthday. Weird, I know. Most 21 year-olds would want a pitcher...full of beer. I wanted one with a Johnson Brothers of England stamp on the bottom. Call me crazy!

Pitchers with simple lines are my favorite. I have 58 of them. (I just went out to my dining room to count them, speaking of calling Hoarders.) I love the big, old ironstone slop buckets, too. They are so large, and make perfect vases for Hydrangeas in the summertime. I have a number of bowls, platters and plates, mortars-and-pestles. Someday I will have to show you my huge old pharmacy cabinet that holds all of them. If my house ever caught on fire I swear I would have to find a way to push that baby out, pitchers and all!

And last...but certainly not least...I can't seem to part with any old camera. Aren't they gorgeous?? Slightly industrial feeling, with words and numbers - they are just so cool! Photography has always fascinated me, so these represent that love for me.

So there you have it. Just a few of my favorite things.

All simple, yet beautiful little pieces of history.


WOW!  Good thing she doesn't live close to me or she might have a few less than 58 pitchers and I have a little guy that has developed quite the appreciation for old metal trucks.  For as what she keeps, she also keeps her etsy shop stocked with lovely, lovely things. But, you have to get it quick.  The day I realized she had an etsy shop, I clicked the sold items by mistake and saw this gorgeous shield shaped advertising mirror (frameless) oh.my.gosh.  I couldn't add it to my cart... WHAT?  it had sold.  I still haven't gotten over that one.

Okay, peeps (can we still say that?) it is cold here.   I have been doing some things around the house, just waiting on a few prints for baby hughes' room and hunting for a bookshelf or library cart.  And I painted the library/office/train table room last night... it was a secret, covert mission to get it finished while the Mr. was away!
So, I will show you all of that soon!

bye for now!


  1. Yep, I would have to keep the trucks. I used to have a small collection of red vintage cars/trucks and somewhere along the way they were misplaced. I still think about them. Sigh...

  2. Thanks for including me in your series, Michelle! It was so much fun! And I might me convinced to share my trucks with the little guys. He's too cute to resist! ;o)


  3. That truck!! As the saying goes here in the south...I would "slap my momma" for that truck!

  4. Mary, your collections are beautfiul! I'm jealous of your "picking" ability...take me with you one day!

  5. I am thrilled to see Mary featured on your Wednesday series. I am a regular follower of her blog too and like everyone else, love her! What she would keep would probably be on all of our lists, don't you agree. LOVE everything she collects. Now if would share more pics of her home...............

  6. I swear she has the best stuff, well next to you that is! I want everything she keeps, and I want it now! :)

  7. Oh my!!!! She has treasures that Id love to collect too!!! Sooo pretty!

  8. What great collections! I too have a weakness for old Tonka trucks. Check out http://daranger911.blogspot.com/2011/03/honky-tonka-woman.html for the post with my red truck. I never could part with it.

  9. Love the trucks and the scales, well, everything mary has. So glad to see her here!

  10. Love the truck and vintage cameras!!!
    Just found your blog through Kristin at Faded Prairie and I am in love!!!
    I'm your newest follower and can't wait to browse through your past posts!!
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

  11. what a fun read! i love mary and her shop! susan

  12. i thought i was reading a auto-biography of what "i" keep! these are all the same things that i love. several weekends ago, i found a similar green truck at a trunk sale! i have gotten hooked on the hunt for vintage junk, especially this past year. we had a local barn sale that had more junky goodness than i'd ever seen collectively in one place. it is hard to decide but like you, i couldn't keep it all. working on purging and re-stocking my etsy shop.
    (if you like,you can read about the barn sale here:
    thanks so much for sharing!


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