Friday Etsy Favorites *Black Friday*

hello all!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  The Mr, baby and I had a quiet little day creating some new Christmas items and just enjoying the day... well, if I am being totally honest, the baby was a bit of a pistol.  Some tell me 4 is worse than 3... please tell me that it isn't true.  Two was a breeze compared to this 3 stuff.  So, I know some of you are die hard Black Friday shoppers.  I really have never been.  I do like shopping online and buying handmade more and more each year.  So, I compiled a little list of what I would buy if my paypal account was full and I had no bills to pay *wink*  Here is my *Black Friday* favorites:

This sweet fox towel would be a fun addition to our kitchen

Awesome tee... love!
found~ milatree

I love these sweet little embroidery scissors.... they would be great if I ever start my sampler

Adorable frock... you can change and remove the collars and cuffs

maybe it is the excitement over the Hunger Games trailer... or baby hughes' love for Robin Hood... whatever it is, I am in love with this little delicate silver necklace
found~ datter

Now, I wouldn't say all my ideas are amazing... I would say most of them aren't.  But, maybe they would be more amazing if I jotted them down in this little notebook

isn't this awesome?!?

ahhh... ruffles.  They make me so happy!  

do you think this sweet flamingo would make me a better houseplant keeper?
found~ oneeyeddog

Knit buntings?  I think this may be perfection!

well, we are off to the shoppe for the day.  I will post some photos of some of our new Christmas and vintage items today... maybe I will list some on etsy as well!  Be safe with all those cah.ra.zee shoppers out there *wink*

bye for now!

sometimes I feel the need to clarify these *Favorites*  These are actually things I like... not like paid advertising or anything like that.


  1. That fox towel is the cutest! You always seem to pick the same things I would have chosen! Too funny!

    I am off to do a little shopping, too. I never do the whole 4am Black Friday thing, the crowds just stress me out. Hopefully I can find a new leftovers this morning. Lol!


  2. Ok, I really need to proof-read my comments. I meant find a 'few' leftovers'. Ugh.

  3. Really cute picks! I love the owl scissors especially. :-))

  4. Lovely feature - thank you so much for including me!

  5. Cool picks :D And YES they do get easier when they turn 4! Hang in there lol!

  6. Such treasures! They're fantastic :) thank you for sharing!


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