Toy Trucks Towing Tiny Trees: Etsy Update

hello!  I totally had a little bit of Christmas to share with you, but Tennessee weather had something else in mind: SNOW!  Not much, but just enough to make spray painting impossible or just extremely difficult and sloshy.  So, I am busily updating my etsy shoppe and enough of you asked yesterday about the little trees that I decided to list them there just in case you can't make the trip to bring these little haulers home.  I truly believe this is what SUVs were made for... hauling Christmas trees *smiles*  I just wish we still had Gabe, our Jeep Grand Wagoneer to take to get our tree from the farm this week.

Oh well, we do have Gordon, our Jeep Cherokee to tie a tree on.... I name our cars too.  Does that surprise you?  I name lots of things.... little men are usually Fred and Bob... every now and then there is an Enrique to mix things up a bit.

Okay, enough about me naming things.  I went on my date with my cute blonde and we picked out quite a few Christmas books (one aptly named Christmas Trucks.... perfect!) Tomorrow though, I am FINALLY going to have a date with a much older man.... not my Mr. either *wink*  I haven't seen Breaking Dawn yet, so my sweet friend (who I bailed on to get the shoppe ready) and I are going to see a matinee tomorrow... so excited!!  

I will have some Christmas-y projects soon... promise... I had my scissors snipping snowflakes last night *wink*

bye for now!


  1. Michelle... I have a couple of trucks under my tree - can I steal your idea and tie a tree on them? LOL FANTASTIC!!!

    And snow?! I think I'm jealous!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  2. Seriously, you are such a creative woman! I LOVED the business card holder truck from awhile back, but I think this is my favorite.

    You are AWESOME Michelle. XO

  3. so darn cute!!! good grief it's pure torture seeing your pictures!!!!

  4. I can't get enough of those tiny trees on the tiny cars! You and the hubs are genius!


  5. Uh so glad I got me two of those!! yipee! I think trucks hauling trees have to be the best christmas decoration out there! :p

  6. That is so cute! We are on our second jeep cherokee named Jeepy. Would you know the 2011 Cherokee does not come with a roof rack, it looks like one but there is nowhere to strap your tree! We were so sad to find this out last weekend with our tree stuffed in the back. Plus the antenna is on the roof too. Why change a good thing? Sorry about the rant...I just think that's crazy!


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