Christmas at the Shoppe

Hello all!  Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, I feel 100% comfortable talking about Christmas.  I didn't even put any Christmas up in the shoppe until Thanksgiving (we weren't open.)  And, since I can't put Christmas up in our home until it is c l e a n (my rule) I think that I will show you just a bit of what we did in the shoppe.

Some ornaments made from vintage clock faces

Little toy trucks with tiny little trees... baby hughes is quite upset that these aren't all his.  I have even tied trees to his current trucks and it just isn't the same.

I sort of flocked a tree... sort of as in this wasn't true flocking.... anyone know where to find that?  Now it is all falling off since I used a WHOLE can on a teeny tree... that's okay.... it looks a little snowy and magical on the tabletop now.... or everyone thinks I should dust.

I did some silhouettes of some famous Christmas personalities to put on some stockings at the shoppe.  I am still doing the custom ones in my etsy, but thought these may be a little fun for those of us who don't really like our profile *wink*

I also did these little Christmas burlap bags... I love how the white JOY turned out... I may have to make some more white words.

Some more repurposed items made into Christmas ornaments.... baby hughes helped decorate most of the trees.... this one is overflowing in vintage goodness!

Mr. Hughes made these... they are little slide holders with vintage paper.

I also updated my little etsy store... it has been sad lately with its vintage category lacking in items.  I found out this weekend that the shoppe is the perfect place to take photos... it gets good light nearly the entire day.

There are loads of vintage cameras... seriously, LOADS!!  The Mr. came across a lot of them and I picked out the best.

There is also some tarnished silver and some other vintage goodies now in the etsy store.

Okay, I am off to paint and then a date with a cute blonde.... we are going hunting for some Christmas library books.  I am working on our Advent calender and hope to show you that really soon!  This week we are going to chop down our tree too.... I love this time of year!

bye for now!


  1. Those little trucks with the trees are so stink in' cute! What a great idea! And the slides are pretty awesome, too!

    How dare you tempt me during Christmas shopping time with those vintage cameras! You know I have a weak spot for those old beauties! ;o)

    Happy library book hunting & christmas tree chopping today!


  2. So festive...I need to get started here! I am loving those trucks with the trees in them, darling!

  3. My beloved next door neighbor (a Mississippi version of Martha Stewart/Steel Magnolia if there ever was one) used to flock her tree every year using some combination of Ivory Snow flakes and and a hand mixer. Her holiday preparations were the stuff of legend and I stopped by her house on the way home from school as often as possible to "help." I've wanted to try to reproduce the flocking, but Ivory doesn't make the flakes any more. Found some suggestions for grated bars of Ivory, liquid starch and hot water. The heavenly scent might make me swoon from nostalgia - I might have to bake up some of Ms. Maggie's cheese straws to recover my strength, but I think you've inspired me to give it a try. The shoppe looks beautiful!

  4. Everything looks so nice and festive. LOVE the little trucks with the blue trees :)

  5. LOVE it all, especially the cute little vintage trucks with the Christmas trees!!!
    Hope you have a beautiful week.

  6. lovely! you don't happen to have a vintage locker basket for sale do you?! you would make my day if you did. :)

  7. everything looks so pretty and so you!! I love the tootsie trucks! :) might need some, oh wait i do need some! I love the trees and all those cameras you listed on etsy, swoon!! hope you are having a good day! xo

  8. Wow, those toy trucks with the trees are too adorable for words! My son is sitting on my lap and wants to buy them!! Love everything as usual

  9. Be still my heart! Those little cars with the blue trees tied on are the cutest things ever!!!

  10. I am lovin EVERYTHING! Those little truck trees are the bees knees!!

  11. I want some old vintage cars to do that with! How precious.
    As always.

  12. I know this is a little late... But I searched high and low for a tree flocking kit with no success. I did see one or two online, but they didn't look that great. I ended up just buying a green Christmas tree from Walmart and taking it down to our local nursery and they flocked it for me. It's on its third year of use now and it is still beautiful! I think it is well worht the investment!


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