Booths as of Late

Hello all!!!  Apparently, I have become a once a week blogger.  I have been pretty busy though (I almost just wrote busty... definitely not that!) Anyhow, last week, I left the hyena at home with Mr. Hughes and went to do a little fluffin'. Unfortunately, I only brought my little point and shoot... and what does that matter... the Mr. is the good photographer around these parts.  What I am getting at is: the photos are a little dark and grainy, but you will get the idea.

My booth at Winchester is l o n g and not deep.  And while I love it, it isn't easy to get a photo of the entire space.  I normally just take the smaller stuff and leave the heavy lifting to the Mr.  So, if you ever see someone in my booth, moving in furniture, that isn't me.  I am not a 6 foot tall man with a beard.  

I will take a break right now to show you that while I love selling vintage goodness, I love to buy it even more.  And, this little number (hahhaha!) is actually a really long surveying stick that is mineallmine!  The Mr. was out at the booths one day and came home and told me about this stick.  Well, the store couldn't open fast enough the next morning for me to call and hold it until I could come and look to make sure it was what I thought it was.  And it was!!  I haven't hung it up yet, but this was one of those things that I couldn't pass up...  I always end up kicking myself when I don't buy something when I love it.  Even if I don't have a real plan for it.  Which is why, before long, we will be on Hoarders.  

And now, my space at City Farmhouse.  I restocked the piano roll runners, which you can see on the buffet.  That was a Mr. Hughes design.  He is pretty wonderful... that frame with the rope is also his design.  Okay, I will be back soon...pinky promise.... maybe tomorrow... with some new designs for etsy and one is for the holidays...gasp!!

bye for now!


  1. You have an amazing eye Michelle. That sideboard is the best.

  2. Your booths looks awesome, Michelle!
    But I'm bummed, because when I click the pics, they become smaller rather than larger. Boo! I need to see BIG pics of your spaces!!!


  3. Hi Michelle,
    Your booth looks great. Love all the pretties. Makes me want to go and redo mine, again!



  4. it all looks so very lovely! wish i lived close enough to stop by. :)

  5. I love the surveyor stick and found one exactly like it at an auction a couple of years ago and bought it for $5! I promptly sold it for 40x that amount. But guess what? I've always regretted selling it because I loved it!

    lesson learned!


  6. I love it all! I want to come see your both. Bad.
    And I love your picture, darling top with cute necklace. Love love love.

  7. Your spaces look awesome - love that frame and rope design that the Mr. fixed up!

  8. Just saw one of those sticks in my fav vintage store... wanted it badly... hello alternative growth chart!! But, alas, way to expensive. Now I'm curious how much those go for in your part of the world. ;)


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