New Booth Piece and Why it Will Cost $50 More

hello there!  I put the finishing touches on  a piece that I am working on to replace the current chest that is in my booth should it sell... I need to have backups with my small space, otherwise everything will be on the floor! Did I tell you that I name my pieces?  I figure if I am up close and personal with them, they might as well have a name.  So, since I was totally inspired by this sweet girl's redo of this piece, and by inspired, I mean I pretty much copied her *wink* I thought it would be fitting to name the piece after her....
 So, Meet Tara...

Lovely and sweet with her perfect shade of blue....

Her layers of character worn proudly....

Perfectly accessorized....

And, just as pretty on the inside with vintage map drawer liners...
 I love special ~just for you~ pretty things....

I rearranged the entry to welcome her while she stays here.  Actually, I think I will have a hard time letting go of this one...doesn't it look perfect with baby hughes' owl pillow?

And, speaking of that rascal, let us go back to the other day while we were working on this chest (you can go make yourself a drink and come back... this may take awhile...)

Well, I was outside sanding down the drawer where we filled in the holes from the old hardware and my two guys peaked their heads out the door... baby hughes had a *surprise* for me which is code for poop.  Somehow there is this unspoken agreement (that I never agreed to) that if I am at home and we have a dirty diaper situation, then I am in charge of it... whatever, I took care of it and asked Mr. Hughes to keep sanding while I was changing the stink. So, I set the rascal down to go out on the deck to switch places with Mr. Hughes ( I was less than 2 steps away from the child on the other side of the glass.) 
Then I heard it....
What was that.... do you have the keys... no... what about your wallet, the key that you keep in your wallet because you have locked yourself out..... no, I don't have my wallet..... cell phone.... no...
OH NO!!!

That sweet, precious little monster of ours locked us out of the house, flipped the deadbolt.  I knew he could do this of course, he is a giant baby and very resourceful.  But, I have always been inside when he flips it back and forth, back and forth.  But, not this time.  I begged him... please flip it back and tapped the deadbolt.  He knocked on the door back at me and smiled.  Begged some more... nope.  Said, do you want to go outside (a sure fire way for me to get him to do something.) he nods... and gets excited... okay, then turn the lock and Mommy will take you out and we can play (the whole time, Mr. Hughes is trying to figure out how we can break down the door without hurting baby hughes.)  I could see that the front door deadbolt wasn't locked, so Mr. Hughes went up front and rang the doorbell to see if the boy would open the door for him (he loves the doorbell.)  Nope, stayed by the back door close to me with a wary look on his face.... this is the child who does not know a stranger... always asking strangers for hugs and to be held....

Then, we realized, this isn't working.... baby hughes went further in the house where we couldn't see him.  I ran next door and begged my neighbor for a phone and a phone book.  Mr. Hughes got our regular (yes, regular, Mr. Hughes has locked himself out more than once) locksmith.  I hear him tell the locksmith... No sir, I can't ask him to let us back in, he is 2.  Please hurry. 

So, Mr. Hughes goes back up front to wait for him and I talk to baby hughes through the door.... no!  don't jump on that chair..... NO!! do NOT unplug that... okay....NONONO!!!  do not plug it back in!!!
He drinks the last of his juice and throws the cup at the window... obviously ticked that I am not filling it back up.

Then he comes up to the door and holds his chubby little hands out to me like
Mommy, pick me up, I want you... 

Then, my sweet old man savior came to the back with my husband and started messing with the door.... baby hughes was sitting at the kitchen table very calm and gives that man his perfect smile.  A couple of minutes later

YES!  I almost pushed the locksmith over getting to my baby.  I hugged him, I kissed him... 
I put him down and he starts digging in the locksmith's tools..... oh baby hughes....
The guy left after we paid him $50 (no, I am not really charging more for the chest)
and I grabbed my baby again and bawled my eyes out so thankful that he was okay, that it hadn't been worse.

I had two large margaritas that night.  Extra salt.

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  1. Oh no! When my son was about 2 he locked me out too. I walked my oldest daughter outside to catch her ride to school and he locked the door when I went on the porch. In my pajamas, bare feet in the middle of winter. I had to run to the neighbors and call my hubby to come unlock the door. Stinkers!

  2. Very nice!! love how it turned out!

  3. My twin sons (who were not yet two years old) locked me out on a second story deck (WITH NO STAIRS) in the middle of winter, and yes... I was in my bathrobe.

    I was terrified... no way to get help and no way could I break that sliding glass door. It took a little coaching, but I was able to get one to push the lock handle back up. They thought it was SOOO funny.

    Then of course there was the time I locked the car with the babies in it... along with the keys. The fire department came to my rescue that time.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  4. OMGoodness! I would have had 2 large margaritas too after all that! Poor thing...I would have been balling like a baby(like your baby)Well on a lighter note Tara is gorgeous! She fits in perfectly with the pillow :)

  5. Oh my gosh...every parents worst nightmare (and most of us have one of these stories..I DO) Glad you drowned your sorrows. I might have needed more than 2 though ;)

    I am soo lovin your "Tara"! She is almost as precious as the real one!(teehee) I heart the map lined drawers...awesome! And that hardware *swoon*

    I keep meaning to send you a pic of the goodies I bought from you a while back...the burlap bags have been ALL over my house and back porch! I absolutely LOVE them :D

  6. Hot damn she is gorgeous! :) love the handles and the way you accesorized her..and I think if you do sell her she will go in an instant...and sorry about locking the baby out or is it in? Two large margaritas should have done the trick for calming the nerves!

  7. when my sone was a baby something like this happened and i was a freakin' mess. i'd say you and the mister held it together pretty darn well! i think you deserve an extra margarita for that. :)

    p.s. that chest is a.mazing!

  8. Two-year-olds are always up to something! And I love the locksmith asking if you could just have the baby let you back in. "Oh, golly! Why didn't I think of that?!"

    Anyway, I looooove the chest. Did you strip the paint off the top or add a new top? It's gorgeous.

  9. Oh that was stressful! I think I need 2 large margaritas after reading that!

  10. 1st of all, the dresser is lovely! 2nd of all, my 21 month old *just* did this to my mom last month when she was watching him! Lucky for her the door's hinges were on her side and she was able to just take the door off. So glad you had a happy ending!

  11. I have so many of these stories after three kids that I'm not even going to bother. But trust me, you'll LOVE telling this the first time he brings home a serious girlfriend.

  12. I'm so glad everything worked out! I'm thinking I should make it a practice to always have my key with me...My little guy is getting into a lot of mischief. I can see this happening in my future!.

    I love the maps inside the drawers! Very different!

  13. First off, I LOVE the dresser1 The map drawers...oh be still my heart!
    How scary for you to have baby Hughes lock you out...oh my!

  14. Oh my gosh, I am in love with Tara! I seriously want to buy it. Like, wow. Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous piece. You and only you are the reason I would ever consider moving to Tennessee!!! :)

    That is so scary about being locked out and away from you child. My 2 year old son recently did that to my daughter and I. I had no keys (obvs), no phone, no BRA!!! lol, thank God my neighbor was awesome enough to let me borrow his cell phone and track down a random maintenance guy in our neighborhood who easily broke in to our house with a credit card. Great!! LOLOLOL

  15. Let me get to the amazing Tara first.... gorgeous!! Love all you did and the name fits her perfectly!! tara is always a winner!!! Now to your sweet little locksmith baby... LOL oh have I been in your same shoes... my son did that to me... he giggled while i pleaded for him to play with the lock again... then i remembered my laudry room door was unlocked and i bolted to that door before he realized that he could lock that one too.... ahhhh the joys of babies getting bigger!!!

  16. J'adore!! C'est dans mes goûts ce bureau.

    Bonne journée.

  17. hahaha, aw.....

    I gotta tell ya, the same thing happened to me. My little one LOVES to turn on/off light swtiches (I have to hold her up, of course), so the last time she locked the sliding glass door on me, I told her to "Turn the lock off" (meaning push it down and unlock it) and that worked! Phew! Its a horrible feeling, hope it never happens to either one of us again! ;)

  18. OH LORD!!!!!! Wait until he starts talking all the time like X!!!! That baby.....thank goodness he's fine=0) I feel like I have to have an ice cold margarita.....for YOU of course. EXTRA salt too! This little boy is too much, but that cute little face of his. Okay.....I'm not upset anymore. *sigh*

    The chest is SO lovely. You did a wonderful job=0)

    Have a great night,

  19. When things like this happens, it is not funny. Then years down the road when they are adults and raising their own, the memories make you smile. I could write a book on my 2. :D
    Glad everything worked out ok.

  20. Oh Michelle! You definitely deserved a couple margaritas after THAT! ;)

    Beautiful job on the chest, BTW.


  21. Great color for the chest. On the lock out situation, I left my twins alone with my brother in law and he was locked out for hours. Good thing he told me after a gin and tonic or two.

  22. Oh, I couldn't help but giggle because this happened to me once. I broke down the door though. My son was little and I went out to get the mail and the door locked behind me.
    You will never forget that moment and will have it for the memory books.

    The dresser looks great. I love the color!

  23. 1st, LOVE the maps in the drawers. LOVE. it looks so so good.

    2nd-oh that is so scary! i guess all of us moms have had those moments and it's frightening!

  24. The dresser is such a pretty shade of blue!! That one will go fast! We painted our ugly tv hutch a similar color a few years ago and I still love it!
    Matthew did that to my mom a few years ago while she was baby sitting for us, and our neighbor used a credit card to get her in!!!

  25. Oh, goodness..! What a day! I'm glad it all ended well. And margaritas are definitely a good way to end a rough afternoon. Good grief!

    The piece looks fantastic, by the way. Great job - and I can see how you'll have a hard time parting with it. I would.


  26. my son managed to do this in the car while I was walking from the driver's side to the back door to get him out - maybe two steps!
    he also did it in our apartment
    he'll be 27 on Sunday and I have to say these lock outs were easier to handle than a lot of things he's done since

  27. Clicked over from Fresh Coat Friday. I love the paint redo on your piece and loved the story about how your baby locked himself inside. Reminded me of that episode of Modern Family. Great website! Looking forward to checking out more.

  28. If I had a nickel for every time my daughter locked the door...oh boy. I have a quick question....I am relatively new to your blog ....and it rocks btw. I wanted to know what color you used for your dresser. I am in the market for redoing my daughters dresser and I have grand ideas, but can't settle on the color. ARGH!!! I LOVE this color.. what is the name please??? :) Thanks!!!!


  29. Ok so I was rushing through yesterday and just saw the project and thought it was gorgeous and commented on it. I had more time today to sit and actually read the post. I am so sorry to hear he locked you out. I KNOW that panic!!! I actually locked myself out with my son napping on the couch years ago. I remember considering jumping thru the glass just to get back in. Glad everything turned out ok!!

  30. Oh no!! Glad that everything worked out in the end but what an ordeal!
    I have to say that it would be HARD to part with that chest. From the maps to the hardware to the perfect match on the pillow I think it might be telling you that it likes it's house right now~
    Thanks so much for sharing on our first Fresh Coat Friday, I can't wait to see your next project!!

  31. Oh Michelle,
    What an awful situation for you and Mr. Hughes. You must have been so worried..... especially when Baby Huges went into the house where you couldn't see him. That must have been a nightmare. I'm so pleased that it all turned out O.K. in the end, even though it was expensive !!
    I love your Tara and, if I lived nearby I would buy her. ...... trouble is, I do't even live in the same country !!!!
    Give Baby Hughes a hug from me ! XXXX

  32. I am shocked that hasn't happened in our house. Knock on wood.

    The chest turned out perfectly and I really don't think you should sell it. For real. That is a keeper.

  33. This is the 2nd story like this I've heard in the last week. It's making me very nervous because Hudson has started turning the locks like that. I better get a 'hide-a-key' stashed somewhere pretty quick.
    So glad Baby Hughes was okay and it all ended well!

    I agree with Coco. That piece is a keeper and looks fabulous in your house!

  34. Thanks so much for getting back to me about the paint color. My dresser is not anything as cool as yours (love the detail),'s a side table and it needs some love. :)

    Thanks again for taking the time to respond...really appreciate it!!!

  35. It turned out so beautifully!!! I love that color blue...would you mind sharing???

  36. That happened to me once. My one year old put down the bar we keep in sliding glass doors, and yes, I was in my husband home and before cell phones. I had to grin and bare it and run to a neighbors to get my husband to drive 30 miles home. no locksmiths closer either. oh, the good old days!

  37. Love that shade of blue! I also love that you named her Tara! LOL I just finished a redo of a chair - a light buttercream yellow and named it "Parkay" haha! Good times! Your blog is so much fun!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  38. love the maps inside the drawers!!! While nannying a two year old back in the good old days he locked me out of the house with his infant sister inside. I couldn't get a hold of the parents and left a message for them. The fire department came and as they were chopping down the door, the dad showed up...Needless to say, I was never asked back!

  39. The cabinet makeover is wonderful, love the color!
    What a story about your little guy! I would have been freaking out too! I locked my daughter in the car once, it was so scary, the police came and got her out really quick.
    New follower, happy 4th.

  40. We got lucky the other day when WIllow locked the garage door. Luckily, I had left the front door unlocked(which I NEVER do) because I never go out the front door. We would have been in a mess of trouble if that was locked. Love your chest. My name is Terra so I think it is just perfectly named, even though it is much more lovely than me. Ha ha

  41. L-O-V-E that dresser!! Gorgeous. And I swoon for the maps!!

  42. Oh how scarey! I can just imagine how frightened you were! So glad that it worked out okay. :) Tara is certainly beautiful, Michelle. No wonder you're selling your furniture as quickly as you are. You do great work, girl!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk


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