A Whole Bunch of Stuff Smooshed in One Post

Some days you just need to do something pretty.  Saturday, my house was driving me crazy.  Nothing was clean, clutter was everywhere.  So, instead of cleaning like crazy like  I should have, I took a break and cleaned off the dining room table and added a little bit of pretty...

I stepped outside the door  and snipped three gardenias from the topiary and floated them in a bowl of water.  I love this bowl... we got it on our anniversary trip to Savannah.  And, speaking of anniversary, thanks so much for all the wishes.... you want to know what I got?  Well, I got a cupcake cookbook.... I have been wanting one with pretty photos.  And, some other cake decorating books... I am thinking about taking a class soon.  And, just so you guys realize how spoiled I am, here is my big present....

yep... it is a vintage baby bathtub.... and he also got me some dirt and some flowers and here is what it looks like put together...

never mind that spilled dirt... I am a messy gardener

Next year it might be a drink trough, but for now, it is full of flowers.
We went out that day for a couples massage... heavenly... if I was rich, that is something I would have on a regular basis... 

A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Hughes brought home this little file organizer from Goodwill thinking I could use it for display in the booth.

Well, I decided it would be better use here.  My Great White Pottery Barn plates don't fit in our cabinets... the salad size do, but the dinner size don't.  They are ridiculously big... we eat off the salad size.  But, I registered for the set and maybe one day we will just have a giant over for dinner.  I had the plates stacked on a shelf above a table.  And, the top of our fridge wasn't just right, so I redid it.

Not bad for 2.99?  I didn't even paint it like I had planned.

I am working on a piece of furniture for the booth that I hope to show you soon... it caused a little bit of craziness at the Hughes Casa tonight, more on that later... I am going to finish my margarita and snuggle my monster!  bye for now...


  1. Love your finds. I wish we had a Goodwill here, I guess I will stick to the restore for now. Great idea for the plate rack.

  2. That baby bathtub as a planter is adorable!


  3. I think the bathub flower pot is a great idea! It will look so lovely with poinsettias for holiday!

  4. Maybe you'll have a giant over for dinner....LOL!

    Super fab baby bathtub!

  5. Those are great finds. A vintage bay bathtub. Never saw one here (Holland) but it's amazing with the flowers. And massags? Same here, if i were rich a massage and clean sheets everyday! XX

  6. sigh. i'm still laughing about the giant comment.

    that bathtub ROCKS! and your husband is clearly very fabulous, too.

  7. My Great White Pottery Barn plates do not fit in my cabinet either!

    I thought I was reduced to having a cabinet that did not close and praying that people did not notice.. But now I know what I should be on the look out for!

    Problem Solver!

  8. soooooooooo cute...the unbelievable thing is I have something similar to your goodwill find! I might have to do something like this!! whoohoo! Hope you enjoyed that margarita too! LOL

  9. Gorgeous, all of it, Michelle. Your husband really does bring you some great things. The vintage baby bath is a great idea for plants....it looks lovely and what a great home for your oversized plates. I have some of those bowl/plates that you get in restaurants and are in my plate rack.
    Enjoy the rest of the week....we are having temperatures of 80F, which is great because it's Wimbledon fortnight. XXXX

  10. sigh..... all your items are magnificent!!! drool!!!!

  11. Baby Bathtub! Oh my gosh, that's one of the cutest things ever and PERFECT for plants, I may add :)

  12. If my husband brought me a gift so cool as that old baby bathtub I would think something was wrong with him, As in some body snatcher had replaced him and went around doing extraordinary things with his brain. LOL. What a great present! I'm so jealous! Thanks for sharing!

  13. That's so great! I LOVE the baby tub AND are your kitchen walls yellow?

  14. Love that baby bathtub!! That was a great idea to use it for flowers. And great idea with the dishes.

  15. OMGoodness, such great stuff=0)

    Have a great day,

  16. I've never seen a baby bathtub before! It's so darling and clever! I love it with the flowers, though I think I would have been tempted to try wedging it into a corner of my bathroom for actual baby-bathing. :o)

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE The baby bath...mine sits outside empty and I am thinking now I need to plant flowers in it, but I am soo bad at gardening!! Can't wait to see the piece that caused a stir at the hughes house...! :)

  18. The tub is fabulous!!! And I'm glad y'all had a great day together. Couples massage sounds awesome!

    I used to have those PB plates too. I finally got so irritated that they wouldn't fit in any of our cabinets that I sold them all in a garage sale. Now, of course, I wish I still had them. Sellers remorse.

  19. Oh.my.goodness...the vintage tub is awesome! You have put it to great use! :)


  20. Oh.My.Gosh. Mrs Hughes you lucky girl you!

    I had one of those in my sight (the antique baby tub) and Thomas asked me what I planned on doing with it, where would I put it...drats I hesitated, so he said no more stuff unless it has a place and use. Yes I am pouting! I also like what you did with the file organizer. So clever.

    Happy anniversary to a beautiful couple!

    Your Friend,

  21. UGH!!!!! I have been searching for FOUR years for a vintage baby bath that I can afford. They are soooo hard to find. So jealous.

    Love everything of course.

  22. I love the vintage baby bath and planted up it looks absolutely stunning.

    Kerry xxxx

  23. love the bath tub- need to find one - what a great idea for a planter!!

  24. Happy Anniversary and wow...what a great tub!!! I love everything and sometimes it does help to add some pretties!!!

  25. Oh I LOVE that vintage bathtub as a flower pot! It looks fabulous...now I just need to find one of those tubs! Your blog is amazing, I will definately be following!

  26. Happened onto your blog (great name!) from LGN. Love it! What a talented little missy you are! love the baby bathtub (never seen such before), but love the organizer for your plates, too. Will definately keep tuning in!


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