My Best Decision

Take one fresh and tender kiss

Add one stolen night of bliss

One girl,

one boy

Some grief,

some joy

Memories are made of this
Don't forget a small moonbeam

Fold in lightly with a dream

Your lips and mine
Two sips of wine
Memories are made of this

Then add the wedding bells

One house where lovers dwell

Three little kids for flavor

Stir carefully through the days
See how the flavor stays
These are the dreams you will savor

With His blessings from above

Serve it generously with love
One man, one wife

One love through life
Memories are made of this
Memories are made of this 

still my best decision ever... 
Happy 4th Anniversary Mr. Hughes

Our First Dance song sung not by Dean Martin, but by Mr. Johnny Cash.

and to level out the mush factor.... a very happy anniversary to a Mr. OJ Simpson and the California Highway Patrol... this was the night of OJ's wild ride


  1. Happy anniversary. Mine (ours) was 2 days ago. Lots of weddings in June all over blogland :)

  2. Congratulations! You're a cute couple. ☺

  3. What a great story! Happy Anniversary.
    p.s. I had just done something similar on my blog to celebrate our anniversary. This was a good time for weddings!

  4. What a sweet sweet post! Happy Anniversary!!

  5. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? It's a good thing I am dead inside or that would have made me cry.

    Happy Anniversary to you as well Mrs. Hughes, I love you very much.

    Mr. Hughes

  6. Happy anniversary sweet girl!! you are just darling..darling I say!

  7. Such a sweet post! Happy Anniversary to y'all!! Hope you get to go celebrate!

  8. Happy Anniversary!! Your photos are wonderful!

  9. What a beautiful tribute to your family!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!

  10. Oh I LOVE THIS POST!!! Happy Anniversary! You guys are so perfect for each other :)
    And I love Dean Martin (and Johnny Cash) and this song!!
    Our anniversary is Sunday, must be a great time of year :)

  11. What a lovely lovely post. Happy Anniversary!!!!
    Mine and Matthew's 10th Anniversary is in August. Time has just whizzed by and with the addition of four children into our family life has certainly changed for the better.
    Have a great day.
    Kerry xxxx

  12. Happy Anniversary! What a sweet post.

    On a non mushy note - I still remember where I was when "the chase" was happening. On my way home from a trip to Houston with my bff!!

  13. Happy Anniversary! May you celebrate many, many more! :)

  14. Presh! Happy Anniversary! Hilarious about OJ...I remember where I was the night of your wedding...ha, ha!

  15. That is the most beautiful post ever!!!! Happy anniversary to you! What a wonderful family & life. Nothing is to be taken for granted, is it?

  16. Wishing all THREE of you the Happiest of Anniversaries!
    And by three, I mean y'all and the baby, not OJ! ;-)


  17. How very, very sweet. Happy anniversary!


  18. Awwww Happy Anniversary to you!! You have such a sweet family.Wishing you all the best!

  19. Congratulations! You make a beautiful couple and your son is adorable!

  20. Happy Anniversary! What a gorgeous family you have=0) I just love all the lovely photos. Hoping you have a wonderful evening out on the town.

    Thank you for your sweet comment=0)

    Have a great day,

  21. This is such a lovely post. Happy Anniversary to both of you.
    xo, Sherry

  22. June 1st was 20 years for us. I'm enjoying poking around your blog, by the way. The baby tub is DIVINE!


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