Okay, so I think some of you would like to know who the winner is of this little number.... but before I tell you and get some of you upset I would like to show you where the name was drawn from....

Found here... we love our little hat... well, mommy does!

And it was drawn by this little guy....

So, really you can't be mad at ME... be mad at him! He took a break from watching ELF for the 3rd time tonight (did I just admit to that?!?) to draw the winner.  He says there is only one winner and it is....

 ......Karen Sue!

So, please send me your email and I will get your prize to you!

Thanks for all your kind comments on the studio... it really, really means alot!

And speaking of winning... guess what!!!  I won a prize too!!

Miss Mustard Seed gave me this fabulous apron from Caroline Joy! Check out her etsy store... her cardigans are adorable too!   Thank you both so, so much!!  I see some baking in my future...

And, if you want some more chances to win visit

Anne at Fiona and Twig for another fabulous giveaway

and Jessica at Living Better Together for her giveaway-- an awesome wine corkscrew!

Well, I am finished decorating (with the exception of the front door and outside entry)  so I hope to show you what our tabletop tree looks like and all the snowflakes (and how to make them too!)

Okay, I need to go before all this Will Farrell really affects Baby Hughes (the movie is one of my favorites though *wink*)


  1. Darn it!

    Cute apron and cute kid.

  2. You said my name! I'm in shock. My first blog win, I'm so excited! I just started collecting old scales and now I have three. You really made my day. Thank you very much.
    Oh, I'm sorry I got lost in my own glory. I'm glad you won something also. What a pretty apron. I wear one everyday. Good for you!

  3. Love that hat and your apron too! Both are adorable.

  4. Lucky winner and who could ever get mad at that cute face!! :) Love your apron... you will be zipping around looking adorable in your apron!!!
    happy decorating,

  5. Well done to lucky Karen Sue and well done to Baby Hughes for drawing the name so beautifully. Thanks for the generous giveaway. XXXX

  6. I emailed you. Did you get it? Maybe I did something wrong in my excitement.

  7. Oh, stink...and on that note...well, yes, I am upset...I can't believe you gave away MY vintage scale! LOL! ;) Congrats to KarenSue! I also LOVE your new apron! So very cute!


  8. Elf - 3 times in one night - kindred souls here - love that movie - never fails to bring a smile - and an all out laugh or two -

    i enjoy your blog ..


  9. what a cute apron! lucky girl! i cant wait to see your christmas decor! i too have a tree covered in snowflakes! thats the only way we will see any here in florida! xo

  10. Congrats to the winner--but it is so unfair that she has 3-hee hee. Your Christmas decor is gorgeous.


  11. I love the Merry Christmas banner on your mantle. So cute! Everything looks beautiful. And your snowflakes are wonderful!!
    Cute apron too!


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