Studio... progress, rethinking and the table

I am about painted out!  I have been painting furniture all week with the intention of having the studio completed (almost, at least) by this weekend.  Apparently, I forgot to run this by Baby Hughes who has not been feeling well and now has an ear infection.  He has decided that only Mommy can make him happy.  He is on my lap as I write this while Mr. Hughes is out picking up his prescription and a copy of the December issue of Vanity Fair... but that is entirely another topic *wink* (Let's just say that Mr. Hughes is a wonderful, understanding man!)  Even with all of that going on, I have managed to paint everything that I needed for the studio... the chairs need one more coat.  And, I wanted to show you the table that is going to be in there... it takes up the almost whole room.

Now I am sure that some of you are groaning inside and thinking, why oh why is she painting that?  It is okay... I was thinking the same as I was painting the primer.  This table, although lovely, has seen better days.  There are chunks out of it and scratches and I really didn't want to get into refinishing it to its former glory.  It is just what we needed though.... a big enough table to spread out our projects .. especially Mr. Hughes... he has a little problem with paper.

And, I had to rethink the cane chair once I put the table in there.  It fit but there would have only been room for one chair and since I convinced Mr. Hughes to give up his office and move into the library, I didn't think it would be fair to hijack the whole room. (giant run on sentence... I am kind of proud!)  Anyway, I am using a few chairs that I brought in from outside.

I had painted them creamy white and covered the seats with coffee sacks.  They didn't like the humidity, so I had alot of veneer to take off... they are a fine example of shabby!!

I still hope to get this all finished this weekend... at least the big projects.

Oh, and if you happened to click on the link up there and are thinking I am terrible person for painting the table AND sending my husband to pick up that magazine... I just want to let you know that Mr. Hughes himself has a very large crush on Patricia Heaton and Zooey Deschanel.


  1. that table is going to be fabulous once you paint it! yes, paint it! i cant wait to see everything! my hubby is good like that too! he likes to bring home dessert for me! quite often! is that good or bad?! xo

  2. I adore painting everything white- so I would do it in a heartbeat! I am sure that all the details on that gorgeous old thing will really stand out when you do!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. I am in looooove with that table..
    I know that it will be gorgeous when you're done with it!

  4. I SO love the legs on that table!! They are fab! The table will be beautiful when you are done with it...I have faith in you! ;)


  5. I can't wait to see the table once you've finished! I would have totally painted it too.. You can always strip it if you ever change your mind! Hope the baby feels better soon, poor thing!

  6. It used to never occur to me to paint something, but I have a friend that paints everything. I think it is a splendid idea! One can change anything! Hope you will share the finished projects.

  7. OMG. CAN. NOT. WAIT. To see it!! :)

  8. I can't wait to see it, when you are finished. I think it's gonna look great painted.

  9. what a gorgeous table and I think it's going to look great painted.


  10. can't wait to see the table once you've finished! I would have totally painted it too.. Work from home India

  11. I'm loving the lines of those white chairs and the coffee sacks are brilliant!!

  12. Love the table, and loved your last sentence..! Hilarious. I hope baby Hughes is feeling better and that your tabletop Christmas tree will work. My husband's Grandmother used to have this ceramic Christmas tree that would light up... You know the kind I'm talking about? Maybe you guys should opt for that this year... ;)


  13. I cannot WAIT to see that table finished! It will be gorgeous!!!


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