Why Thursday is My Favorite Day

Have I ever told you that Thursday is my favorite day?  I usually have a favorite everything or at least a top 5.  Well, I was born on a Thursday and my Baby Hughes was also born on a Thursday (both on the 7th my favorite number.)  And, it is the day before Friday.  And, in college, I had alot of fun on Thursday nights.  The tv shows that I actually watch have always been on Thursdays.  This week is no exception.  Tomorrow I am going to get a much needed haircut, color, and brow wax (can we say Burt?)  I will be 95% finished with the studio and I am going to post photos rain or shine.  Then, my mother is coming to watch Baby Hughes for the evening because I have a hot date with a certain bronze haired vampire.

  Okay, okay, I guess several million women are going on this date with me.  And, Mr. Hughes will be there too, but it counts, right?

So, come back here tomorrow to see  the studio in all its partially finished glory.  Oh, and to celebrate my favorite day, I will have a little giveaway too.

And, have you been by The Brocantess lately?  She is having a FAB-U-LOUS giveaway.  Visit this post to find out all the details.

And, if you are wondering what snowflakes have to do with any of this... well, I am ready to start decorating for Christmas after we get back from Thanksgiving traveling and I am going to go paper snowflake crazy!!


  1. I love the snowflakes... I just got a new cut and color last night.... Not on purpose or anything but somehow I ended up with a Vampire Goth black and mahogoney color. I hope you have a blessed day :)


  2. Have a great date with your two men. Hussy!

  3. Yes I remember how great Thurs nights were in college!! Have fun!

    :) T

  4. Lovely snowflakes! I need to make some for Christmas decor. :)

    I'm sure your studio will be amazing! Enjoy your date with your men! :)


  5. I have a date with a shirtless werewolf, so we are both going to be busy.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  6. I can't wait to hear how you liked the movie!!! Enjoy!

  7. Beautiful snowflakes and beautiful vampire, although, somewhat young for me !!Have a great Thursday. XXXX

  8. Hey, I think we might be dating the same guy:)
    Can't wait to see it!

  9. Love the snowflakes! I always had a fascination with them myself.... xoxo


  10. We're grown women. It's totally fine to be obsessed with vampires. Totally fine.

  11. hello! cant wait to see the pix of your studio! have a great night with your two cuties! ha! xo

  12. Enjoy your date!
    Hope you will post a quick lesson on those snowflakes!!

  13. Happy date night!!! can't wait to see what you've been up too!! and it's going to be sheer delight seeing paper snowflakes!!'xo,

  14. Oh, it looks great!! I love everything, especially the silver leafed lamp and naked shade. I may have to try that. Your shelf turned out great as well. Whew, I am in inspiration overload. All I can do is give youa standing ovation. Woo-hoo.

  15. A friend of ours calls Thursday 'Little Friday' - see if you have to explain yourself any further when you put it in those terms!

    Have a great Thanksgiving! Oh and - your studio looks great...! All the little details are wonderful - and of course, I am especially fond of that old post office box piece. Great work!



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