The Day After

It is pretty unlike me to not post a little Christmas tour of our home, but this year felt different.  I kept things pretty simple for me and just put out the most important things that make it Christmas for us.  Things like as many snowflakes as my hands could cut.  I did minimal ornaments on the tree, but left space for all those that we picked up this year and some great ones that my kiddo made me this year.  I found my idea of the perfect lights and made some wrapping paper that made me smile. The Mr made me a couple of wreaths from free trimmings that I will hate to trash.  We made a few kinds of cookies over the month and made a few fun crafty things.  We had visits with family and lots of snuggly days.

We are hoping this will be the last Christmas in this home which is partly why I kept things so simple.  Soon, I will not only be packing up ornaments and stockings, but other stuff to get this place ready to go on the market.  It is getting ready to be pretty busy and hectic around here, so a simple Christmas is just what we needed.

Hope all of your holidays were merry and cheerful!


  1. Just beautiful as always. Yes, I missed seeing more of your home at christmas but I understand. We are planning to put our house on the market this spring as well. Once the tree comes down and the decorations go away I will start checking things off my to do list.

  2. Simple is always more beautiful to me. This should be a picture for the house listing! :)


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