New York, New York

{Photo heavy post.... pretend you are at my home and I have you captive with a slide projector... you've been warned...}

I am taking a break from the merriment of decking our halls to share a few of the over 400 photos I took with my phone on our trip to New York.  The Mr. had the real camera and the boy had his own, so I can't imagine how many we took combined.  A few weeks ago, the boy and I tagged along with the Mr. who went to complete a few projects for some clients.  It was my first time there and the city did not disappoint.  

Since it was the boy's and my first time there, we took quite the tourist-y route.  We stayed 2 blocks from the Chrysler Building in all its Art Deco glory.

We fit in plenty of things to do while we were there including hitting a flea market a couple of times.  The Mr. bought a vintage guitar and I found some little items I couldn't live without.  The boy bought a little antique steam engine.

The best part of the trip for me was the walking.  I love living in a place that you can just walk and see. The boy liked the taxis and kept trying to surreptitiously hail them.  He didn't like the walking as much.

He liked the buildings though.... both the Lego versions he saw and built and the real things.

We went to Chelsea Market and saw quite a few of the places the Mr. has chalked.

We took a trip to Purl so I could stock up on some yarn and other crafty things to keep me busy in between excursions and rest time for the boy at the hotel.

We had a few rainy spells, but most of the time it was beautiful fall weather.

There were little surprises around every corner.... like this little window in a gate that gave us a little peek into a very old cemetery. 

We were two blocks from Grand Central Terminal and walked through going back and forth to our hotel. 

 The boy thought the whispering corner was really awesome... and it was!  

Once the Mr. was finished with the Johnston & Murphy flagship, we really got out and played!  We are still amazed about how much we saw and how much we still missed.

One of the most awesome souvenirs we came home with was our very own Muppet that we built at the FAO Schwarz What Not Shop.  

We spent some time in Central Park chasing giant bubbles on our way to the Museum of Natural History.

Those bones!  Wow!  We only made it through two floors of the museum, so we definitely want to go back next time.

I loved the wall of botanicals!  

We went through Times Square for the spectacle of it all.  Plus, there was a great pizza place a few blocks down that the Mr. loves.

We are all book lovers and the library amazed us.  Or the Mr. and I.... the boy was a little bored.

There was an incredible exhibit on children's literature that included many of our favorites.

We had fun in Bryant Park eating yummy, terrible things like Belgian waffles with Nutella.  There was a great Pop up shop set up there along with an ice skating rink and a carousel that I made the boy ride with me.  

And, they just happened to have juggling lessons there too. The boy has been wanting to learn to juggle for awhile now and a guy gave him a few pointers.  Good thing too since I am a terrible teacher and a terrible catch!

We went on the aircraft carrier Intrepid especially for the boy and explored a submarine and saw tons of aircraft.  

Probably the most amazing thing was the space shuttle though.... so awesome!

How did that photo get in there?  Hmm.... I may or may not had too many macarons.  

We took a trip to the 86th floor of the Empire State building to take in this sight at night. 

We spent another afternoon in Central Park chasing more giant bubbles and sliding down slippery slides.  

We visited some favorite sites from books and movies.... the boy loves Stuart Little and the boat pond scene.

We had one really rainy day when we went to Washington Square Park where we met a lady who fed squirrels by hand with nuts she brought from home.  

A trip down a really slippery, wet slide sent us back to the hotel to change the boy's pants, but we loved this area and it is on our must see again list.

On our very last day, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and back.  We wanted to explore Brooklyn, but we had someone else to see that day.

We took the Staten Island ferry to get a bit closer to this gal.  We couldn't have picked a better time to see her.

We spent our last evening around Rockefeller Center.  The tree wasn't lit yet, but was there. 

It was an incredible trip.  The boy is still talking about it almost a month later to anyone who will listen. We all can't wait to go back!  We already have a list of what we want to do the next time we go.

Well, I must go and snowflake my place!  Christmas photos soon!


  1. Great tour and photos! I have never been to NY. We do play tourist on occasion in our city of chicago, always so much to see and do.

  2. Thank you for sharing your photos of NY. I have not been there since the 90s and this brought back great memories.

  3. Thanks for sharing! New York is on my wish list of places to go. I love that your son is still talking about it.


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