Friday Favorites

I thought I would do a little Friday Favorites of some recent handmade purchases that I adore.  We went to a couple of pop up shops in New York and went to the Porter Flea in Nashville last weekend.  Plus, I snuck in a new tote purchase before we left for our trip... wink!

Here is the tote that I decided that I needed before we left.  I wanted something light that I could put snacks for the boy and little souvenirs in and not have a bunch of bags while we were walking.  It is perfect!
 found~ bookhouathome

We were walking in Central Park when I saw this artist with a booth set up.  I loved her work!  This was my favorite though.  I am planning on getting another of her block prints soon.
found~ michellehan

After a trip or two to a flea market and little gifts that we bought, I needed an additional carry on tote.  We found a group of pop up shops in Grand Central Terminal on one of our last days there.  I bought this roomy and cute tote and a mug.

At the same pop up shops, we found this company.  This isn't the shirt my little man chose.... his is orange, long sleeved with a subway car....   I am sure this one would have been his second choice though.

Last weekend, we finally made it to Porter Flea.  Every other time, we ran into a reason we couldn't go.   I am so glad we made it this time.  I must have a thing for block and lino prints.  I bought a print (not the above one... mine has a globe on it) from this seller.  It was so hard to choose.  I also purchased a small one of three owls.  I think I need this tree house too though.

This shirt was a purchase by the Mr.  This shop had great prints as well.  This may be one of those shirts I steal from time to time...

I bought a sweet little boy silhouette ornament from this seller, but she had so many cute pieces like this camper.  I also love her diamond stud earrings!
found~ neogranny

When I saw that this seller was going to be there, I was super excited about going and snagging some beautiful hand dyed yarn in this spanish moss color.  It seems that everyone else beat me to it.... she was almost completely sold out when I got to her booth.  I can't wait for her to restock it!
found~ camellia fiber company

I have almost reached a stopping point on the snowflakes this year, so hopefully I can share some Christmas photos next week.  Have a great weekend!

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