Knitting Away

I made a little decision to knit a bunch of scarves for my family and friends for a little project in December.  I finished all of them this week, which brings my total of scarves knitted to 14. I decided it is time to branch out a little bit.  I need to learn how to knit something else.  So, I signed up for a little hat knitting class in September.  And, I have a bunch of people I want to have a hat!

Now, I am getting started on some new items for my esty shoppe this weekend!  More soon~


  1. Well you're certainly ambitious! I hope it gets cold there! Or at least where all those family members live! Keep those needles moving!

  2. Fourteen! Wow! Such lovely colours. A friend made me a hat last birthday. Homemade gifts are by far the best. Pam xx

  3. They are all so beautiful! I know they will love them. I agree with Winkel...homemade is so much better than bought! Have a great Sunday Michelle.


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