Blast off! A 5th birthday party

hello hello~  we have been pretty busy around this casa over the past few weeks.  The boy turned 5 and  we had a party just the 3 of us. Then a few days later a bunch of family and friends came to celebrate this little man.  We also found out that he was accepted into a program that he was on a waiting list for earlier this year. We had to juggle some school things around and are getting into a somewhat of a routine.  We love planning his birthday every year and this year he had plenty of his own input which made it even better.

The theme this year was ROCKET!  The Mr. designed and block printed the invites and made the 3 of us some pretty sweet shirts too.  We wanted a retro rocket theme.  We had originally planned on a Man in the Moon theme like from "Trip to the Moon," but after talking it over, we decided on a comic-y look.  I punched out several stars and sewed a little garland and draped them all over the treat table.

I bought some starry lights and they didn't really do what I wanted them to do based on the placement of light sockets and tape not holding the wires, but that is okay.  I am sure I will find another use for them.

We found all kinds of different candy and treats and I came up with some names and the Mr. made signs.  I found this great vintage set of cardboard standups with spacey things like rockets and aliens.

The lemon cupcakes had sprinkles shaped like stars. The cake pops did too!  I loved how the stars looked on the outside of the dark blue cake pop coating.

We had sixlets, pretzel sticks dipped and sprinkled, Milky Ways, rock candy on sticks, flying saucers (a really strange candy!) and cake pops.

The Mr chalked this giant comic book cover of the little man riding in his rocket

The rocket was the little man's and the Mr's project.  They went to Home Depot and found all kinds of stuff to repurpose and create this rocket.

They added a small fan to "fan the flames."

We had other food besides the cavity makers... really yummy tiny tacos, but we forgot to take a photo.  I made some limeade and some raspberry lemonade for punches.

I made some confetti out of tissue paper and put it in some clear balloons. It was much more exciting the next morning when we had to pop them. Confetti everywhere!!  Or, more confetti everywhere!

I found a company on etsy that makes these great wooden puzzles and they had rockets!  The treat bags had that and a space crayon and a Milky Way bar.

We had a blast!!  This may be the last birthday party in this house.  I sort of joked with the Mr that we should take into account decorating for birthdays when we are house hunting.  But, really, I was being serious.

More soon.... I have been busy knitting scarves for my December project!!


  1. What a party! You three can go into party planning if you ever wanted to professionally! The rocket is awesome! This party looks like it could go head to head with any of those on Pinterest or on Marth Stewart! Awesome job and Happy #5 to the boy!

  2. Now THAT'S creative! You know what? You ought to start a blog just for party ideas. I certainly don't have the time - and maybe there's another on out there - but there'd be room for 2....

    Themes, for various ages, do-it-yourself props, games/activities.....

    Wouldn't that be FUN (and helpful)?!?

  3. Um...did the other parents come in hanging their head in shame like I am doing right now? Amazing party and an even more amazing memory for your little one!


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