Happy Belated Halloween

Hello there!  It is a little late to say it, but Happy Halloween! We have had a great week.  We had a family photo shoot on a chilly, windy night and I can't wait to see the photos!  Then, we worked together to make our little man a robot.

I was inspired by Jordan's costume from Oh Happy Day.  I found some random stuff to add for buttons and dials and we came up with this....

It is covered in foil, but the genius that the Mr is covered it in clear packing tape earlier that day... we knew that it would be taken off a few times for photos and bathroom breaks.

We decided to change the location of our normal Halloween photo spot to something more... powerful. I muttered aloud that it needed to be more industrial and the Mr. thought of this place on the way.

baby hughes and I mainly collaborated on the design (he wanted to be a *happy* robot) We actually had the dryer vent tubing leftover from his party.  I had the Mr. make the key and attach it.

He was able to peek out of the mouth  or the eyes, but he still wanted us to take the head off in between houses.  This year was so fun! Not that previous years weren't, but this year it really clicked and he had a great time and didn't want to stop.  He complimented other kids on their costumes which was so very sweet. 

I hope you made as many sweet memories as we did (if Halloween is your sort of thing!)  I will be back soon with some crafty types of projects... things have been shaken and stirred at our house and there is much to share if I could just get the place clean!

have a lovely weekend~

bye for now~

to see previous years' homemade costumes click here and here


  1. This is a cute post. Your little guy is adorable. I love seeing homemade costumes. Alot of the kids that came to our house this year trick or treating had homemade costumes which I thought was neat.

  2. Clever costume and wonderful photos!

  3. Home made costumes make a fun holiday even better for the viewers and the child. I loved, loved creating my own costumes as a child and with my children. Creativity at its best.

  4. So creative! Especially the with the banner and background!

  5. So adorable and creative!! ;) xo Heather

  6. You seriously never cease to amaze me! Love this!


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