Feeling Crafty

Hello all~  I realized what a blog slacker I have been lately and I totally blame that on 2 men... baby hughes and Don Draper.  baby hughes has left behind his naptime and started going to sleep a bit earlier which leaves me time to catch up on the seasons of Mad Men that I have missed since we got rid of cable.  That time was normally filled with blog time and I replaced it with Peggy and Betty and Joan.  I have been busy doing *stuff* just not blogging about it.

This time of year always has me feeling particularly *crafty* I have made some things for us and for the shoppe and for boxes of happy.

If you follow me on instagram (thevintagejunky) then you have probably already seen some of these late night crafty pursuits.

We are still shaking up the house and possibly making some progress.... it is always darkest before the dawn right?!  Things that were upstairs have found their way downstairs and vice versa.

be back soon with a sort of diy from yours truly (so terribly bad at diy s !)

bye for now~

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