Tiny Trucks....

Hello and happy Friday!  I had fun making these last year and I normally don't think about Christmas until at least after Halloween (at least I pretend I don't think about it *wink*) but, I have had several emails wondering if these will be available this year.  So, I listed what I had just now.

You can buy in my etsy shoppe

hope you have a very lovely weekend!

bye for now~


  1. *beep beep* !!
    so adorable :)
    Happy Friday girlie XOX

  2. My grandgirl got a jeep for her 16th b'day...and you had one in her color....yay!

  3. What?! These are genius... I love anything miniature and especially the bright colors of the trucks.

  4. This is seriously cute! I'm a fellow vintage junkie and adore your blog. Lovely inspiration.



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