Plate Piled High

Happy Friday all!!  Hope you have had a lovely week!  Thanks so much for the well wishes on baby hughes' 1st day of Preschool.  He had a fabulous day and said he missed me.... thank goodness!!

Sometimes, especially when I am at my busiest, I just give into the chaos and pile more on my plate.  This time? I decided to open a booth next week in Nolensville at The Village Antiques.  The owner contacted me a while back and asked me to join her there and I am excited to be in Nolensville!  It is such a charming little place that has so many fun places to shop.  So, this weekend, I am running around trying to get everything pulled together and priced for our opening on Tuesday.  Plus, yesterday, I got a wild hair in the middle of that to tear the shoppe apart and redo it to make room for some great finds on our hunting trip this week.  And... in the middle of that, I need to go visit my Winchester booth and take some furniture there... good thing I had some coffee this morning!  So, I am a little busy.  I like being busy though.

Alright, my relief came in and is taking my place in the shoppe so I can run some errands and get to Franklin! I will be back next week with new booth photos... that is just a sneak peek at the top. Have a lovely weekend!!!

bye for now~


  1. Thank you for this post! I bought a stool in a junk store in Savannah, GA about 6 months back. It has been sitting in my office, just waiting on me to have a stroke of inspiration. Now I know EXACTLY what to do with it. Just in time for a weekend project! Love your blog!

  2. Dang girl, you put me to SHAME!
    If anybody can juggle all these balls in the air, it's you. :-)


  3. Beautiful stools!! Hope you have a lovely and restful weekend!! xo Heather

  4. Yowzer! You must be pickin' constantly to have enough to fill all your spots. You are good!

    Also, I love your stools!


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