We have been pretty busy as of late and have been at the shoppe more and more.  Our little shoppe has become our home away from home.  Now, most people would think that working more is less than ideal. I say we have a pretty swell set up... especially on nights like last night.  Last year the Mr. came across a vintage 8 mm projector and has since started collecting little films.  It is a production to get these nights started... loading the film often takes longer than the movie.  It is totally worth it though.  Here are our essentials for a great outdoor movie night~

  • Cook out food... on the cutest little green grill
  • Vintage quilt to soften an old bench
  • Campy movie... if a lady hatches from a dinosaur egg, then you know you have it right.
  • Jar to catch fireflies 
  • some Beach Boys tunes
  • Smores.... still debating on whether 1 or 2 jumbo marshmallows make the perfect one
  • Finish off the night with a little guitar music... bonus if baby hughes sings

We are enjoying our summer... work and all!  Hope you are too!

bye for now~


  1. Sounds like a picture perfect Summer-you all will look back on it so fondly because it's full of these amazing memories!

  2. Sounds like you and your family are having fun.
    Enjoy your weekend, and hope you are staying cool.

  3. Sounds just wonderful! We got out our Super 8 movies with our girls when they were babies and we all had such fun laughing and filling in dialogue for the non existent sound! When my husband showed up at the beach in tight white shorts our girls almost died!! We tried to tell them that was the style in the 70's!! LOL Nothing like old movies!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  4. Perfect ingredients for a great summer night!
    Kris of Cricket Acres Studio

  5. Michelle,
    Love your recipe for a memorable summer night!
    Your Friend,

    PS Thought of you on Wed evening. Driving down our road, we were forced to stop short for what first appeared to be a big cat sitting in the road. It turned out to be an owl! He turned his head and starred at us for a moment before spreading his wings and flying off.


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