hello all!  I am sitting here next to my big Preschooler wondering how this happened... or how did it happen so fast?  Four years ago at this time, this little guy was kicking up storm in my belly and causing my feet to swell to epic proportions.  And, today I dropped him off for his first day of Preschool.  They do a summer session at his school and I thought it would be nice to get him involved before Fall.

He, of course, had a great time.  He jumped out of the car like he didn't have parents.  And, of course, I cried a little.  The Mr. took me out for a little coffee date after we left our boy there, so that was nice *smiles*  I guess it gets easier each day, but I really missed him today.  I mean, even when he is testing my patience, I still really love being with him.  And, it was SO quiet!

So, do tell mommas of boys... what do your boys wear on their feet when they wear shorts?  Flip flops are a no no at school and I think this looks a little funny.... is it the socks?  He was NOT happy about wearing socks and sneakers today.  Or is it my thinking that shorts have to be worn with flip flops?

Tomorrow we are off to treasure hunt!  We are leaving early and seeing where the road takes us!  Be back soon with some new finds and some news.... Vintage Junky news...  For now, though, I think I will take an extra dose of snuggles.

bye for now~


  1. Ahhh. That is a big step, for him and you, isn't it? I wouldn't worry about how it looks. Let him be a very active and busy boy! Can't wait to hear your news.

  2. I think the shoes look fine! But my son also wears sandals with the velcro on them. Are those allowed?

  3. It is so crazy how quickly the time goes with the kiddos! I still get sad every year when the new school year begins and mine are teens!
    So happy that he had a great day...always a relief!

  4. I remember when my son, Jack, went to school (he's my youngest) and that was the end of an era for me. I so missed him too. But the best part is the big hug when you pick him up and the smiles and the non-stop chatter about what he did all day! My Jack wears sneakers and socks (snocks we call it!) or closed toes Keen's.
    Happy junk hunting!!

  5. When Velcro came out, nay-sayers predicted that kids wouldn't learn to tie...I wished it was around when my 32 and 27 year old were little. If they aren't too expensive, what about those river shoes that cover the toes but are all opened up so the feet stay cool?

    All those milestones are hard for moms and dads but all part of giving our babies the wings to fly. I can remember people telling me how fast the times go, but when you are in the midst of it, you don't see it. Enjoy!

  6. WOW...time really does fly. It is a turning point for every mom to have their lil one off at school and leave them home to a peaceful house (wait...that doesn't sound bad). lol

    I have done this 4 times and truthfully Im praying for the 2 1/2 yr old to hurry up and grow so I can send her to school. She is a handful and doesn't allow me to paint or do much of anything while she is awake (psstt it's nap time right now..hehe)

    Congrats on your growing boy, and to answer your question about the shoes/sneakers with shorts. I only have 1 boy in the bunch, so he usually wore those fisherman style sandals with the velcro in the warm weather. It allowed the air to circulate but still stability with a good rubber sole. Im a flip flop/sandal girl myself.

    Happy Hunting Tomorrow.

    Lucky 7 Design

  7. LOL -- When I saw the picture I thought it was an old one from 18 years ago and your 'baby' had just graduated from high school or something! The pic is adorable and has a 'vintage' feel to it! Don't blink again because the NEXT time you do, he WILL be graduating :) My 'little' boy used to wear sandals in the summer time that used velcro so they stayed put. My little guy was married last summer and my 'baby' daughters are turning 21 next Tuesday -- I've stopped blinking until the next wedding.

  8. Awww- such a bitter sweet milestone!

    As far as the shoes... my two little boys aren't allowed open toe/heel shoes at camp or school.
    They wear either closed toe Keen sandals (without socks), sneakers with low cut ankle socks, or slide-on canvas (skater?) sneakers without socks. They get stinky without socks though- I often wonder how a 3 year old can have such stinky little feet! Adorably cute- just SO stinky! Is it just mine?

  9. I feel the same way about the shoes! We do chuck taylors with no socks. I don't care about the stink-fashion over function!

  10. Such a sweet photo, and I am so glad he had a wonderful first day of preschool!! How exciting!! xo Heather


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