Me Time

Hello all!  It has been a bit since I blogged.  I caught the bambino's cold and I truly didn't have time for it.  So, when I wasn't painting I was having a little me time.  As much as I can have with a sick 3 year old *wink* I clipped peonies every day and I have little bunches all over the house.  I painted a table here that needed it and redecorated a powder room that probably didn't need it.  And, most importantly, I finished this:

Yes, all it needs is a pressing and a framing.  I went a little out on my own with some different color choices.  And, my stitches aren't as nice as the original.  I am pretty proud of it since it was a first try embroidering... up until now all I have done was little practice stitches and a little sign for our camper.  I have seriously thought about carrying it around with me and pulling it out at any given moment to show it off *wink*  And, here is a warning to friends... you should probably expect something embroidered in the near future.  I am already deciding what to work on next.

Okay, I will be back soon with some photos of home projects.  I have started quite a few small ones lately. Right now, I need to get to the shoppe and paint something *pink* for a sweet nursery.

bye for now~


  1. That's amazing! I'm still working on a cross stitch pattern I started back in January, so I admire your dedication.

  2. That embroidery is beautiful - I love it! I recently won a giveaway of some lovely embroidery patterns. I haven't done any for years but I used to do quite a bit of it. I am thinking it's time to reintroduce myself to it:)

  3. I remember when you first got this and wasn't sure if you could do it. It turned out beautiful. Please show it again when you get it framed. Great job.

  4. Yay!!! I have been waiting for you share that your finished. I remember the 1st post and your doubt, you see how you can do anything you put your mind too. Your talents are endless and inspiring!

    Lucky 7 Design

  5. That's SO pretty! I agree with Marilyn and would love to see it again once you've framed it!

  6. Oh this is SO pretty -- I love the colors you chose for this and the different stitches are beautiful -- great job!

  7. Michelle,
    I hope your little man Hughes is feeling better and that you and your hubby don't get sick. You certainly got a lot accomplished during your down time. Your embroidered alphabet sampler is beautiful. Great job!
    Your Friend,

  8. Sooooo beautiful!! I have a Pam Garrison sampler that I keep promising myself that I am going to start working on and don't - so good for you for actually getting it done!!

  9. Sometimes a little sick time is just what the doctor ordered. Your embroidered sampler is adorable! I can't remember the original colors, but I do like your choices. Job well done!

  10. Michelle, this is beautiful!
    Your talents are seemingly endless, my cute friend!


  11. It came out so beautifully!! I can't wait to see the frame you put it in!! Hope you feel better soon!! xo Heather

  12. I feel like that was really fast! It looks great!

  13. It's really a beautiful piece! You've got some amazing stitches in it. Nice job!

  14. wow girl, you did an amazing job! la la love it! I want to make one now, ha yea right, I can't find my right foot lately let alone make a sampler! you did good girl! yahoo, can't wait to see the frame!


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