Hello all!  Wow!  Where have I been?  I realized that I haven't posted in awhile.  And, I certainly wasn't being lazy *smiles*  We have had some super busy weeks at the shoppe and I have been shaking things up at home, but nothing was quite ready to take a photo or maybe I just forgot the camera.  Plus, we have had some company.  We spent a great day with my sis yesterday and while I always miss her, I realize just how much I miss her when she is here. or I am there.  baby hughes *adores* her.  Like, I am "always his best friend" but I heard him introduce her as "his favorite best friend." Somehow, I think that trumps my best friend status.  I also think its pretty cute that my 3 year introduces me and my sister to people and not the other way around.

We went out hunting last week.  Each time I do it, I try to find a spot for everything I buy. I really only buy what I love, and then I have a pep talk with myself to let it go.  I really don't want to be on Hoarders or the shoppe to be empty.  Here is a pep talk that myself lost with me:

This piece is a keeper!  I have been slowly changing things around and while the piece I said I would never part with has better storage, this piece has better legs!  Yep, I am a leg girl!  It was missing the drawer hardware.  I had been saving the rusty bin pulls for a special occasion and this was it.... they fit perfectly.  I only had two though, so I braided some linen for the top ones.  It was a temporary fix, but I am kind of liking the look.  And, even though I paint furniture, this one is staying as is.  Which means, this will be the second piece with original paint in the house.  You can also get a little glimpse of the new wall color, which I adore!  I can't believe I lived with the other for over 5 years.  It made a huge difference.  And even though I went from a green to a grey, all the colors in the room pop more and it seems brighter.  I got the vintage German botanical chart off of etsy a few years ago and decided this was the perfect spot.  It was torn and ripped, so I mounted it on some canvas.  I think I may get a new lamp too or a new shade.  Now, this piece is pretty hot all by itself with its great legs and original paint.  But, we got a surprise bonus with it too....

This smokin' hot Mr. T tee shirt was hiding in the drawers!  Did we hit the jackpot or what?!?!  I get a great piece of furniture and the Mr gets an awesome tee shirt!

Have to run now... I have to find a home for loads of cds.... I think I will stash them in the stack of suitcases.  Oh, if any of you have a great herringbone or tweedy or greyish velvet upholstery fabric on a sofa, please let me know.  I think I have the Mr convinced to recover the one upstairs.

bye for now!


  1. Love love love the dresser. I couldnt part with it either.. Have a great day!

  2. Haha, love the t-shirt! What a gem!


  3. Love this piece...its exactly what I have been looking for to replace a much larger buffet in or dining room. Great Find!

  4. Love the dresser and the shirt, hilarious!!! two great finds... :) happy tuesday!

  5. Oh my gosh -- I'm sorry but the t-shirt stole this post! The dresser is gorgeous and yes, has great legs but that shirt -- it's the greatest! LOL

  6. Beautiful dresser!! LOve the shirt, too!! How funny! ;) xo Heather


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