A Vintage Junky Christmas 2011

Hello everyone! I feel like I took forever to get the Christmas decor up this year.  We have been pretty busy, but I feel like I was over thinking it.  Like I needed it to be different than last year... with the exception of the snowflakes... got to have them *wink*  We also had a few bumps getting things the way we (mainly "I") wanted them.  So, here is our home this year.  A little simpler, a little different, a little the same.  

Mr. Hughes found these awesome... I mean, awesome, vintage Christmas lights.  They still work!  There  were a few bulbs that were shot, but, thankfully, I had a bunch in the shoppe that I was able to replace them.  They are outside since they are   h o t!

The Advent calender is getting empty and the tree is getting full!  I found this great ironstone waste pot at Scarlett's and Mr. Hughes brought me home a little live (prickly!) tree. 

I put up the whole nativity this year.  Some years, I just put up the Holy Family.  But, I thought this little shelf on the mirror was perfect for it.  I still feel the camels are a little large... are they that much larger than a cow...does this really matter....
When I was sprinkling the jumbo confetti, one aqua piece landed right where Baby Jesus will be... like right in front of Mary and Joseph... you can't make this up folks... so, I left it there. 

We continued our little tradition of wrapping baby Jesus.  We unwrap that little box and place Him in the nativity on the 24th before we go to sleep.

Mr. Hughes came up with the great idea of putting the ornaments in my top hat.... I had them in a tarnished bowl.  His way was much better.

I snowflaked the place!!  I can never get enough of them!

The infamous Joy.... 

I did the ornaments from the dining room window again.

I love these little birch pots that I got awhile ago.  I filled them with ornaments and clippings  from our boxwood bushes.

I attached some little bottle brush wreathes to the chairs.

I decided that I really, really needed this branch (also from Scarlett) I knew I wanted to hang.... what else... snowflakes!  

I found this little, tiny window... can you imagine such a cute window actually in your house?  We lined up a little collection of vintage trees behind it.  I like the view through it.

Here is Mr. Hughes' Santa... check out those snowflake shadows... maybe it is a sickness with me, but they are just magical!

I can't wait to see what Santa puts in the stockings!

We have a few of these around.  Someone... ahem... insists on removing the trees and wreath...

A few more vintage trees and a little vintage deer.

I only added a few things to the tree... I wanted a more bare look... I lived with the tree for like 4 days with only lights while I thought about what I wanted it to look like. And, I started to really love the bare look.

I found these vintage letters in this etsy shoppe and I tied them with some twine.

And, in honor of our new addition this year, baby hughes and I picked out one from this etsy shoppe.

Okay, so that is all!  We had a really fun day today.  We went to see Santa and we also went to paint a new Santa's cookies plate... there was a terrible accident with the one from 2009... a shelf fell in our cabinet and it was the only thing that broke.  But, all three of us worked on one today, and it was fun and I am sure that the cookies will look just as delicious on this one *smiles*

I will be back soon to show you an awesome display piece I picked up for the shoppe.

bye for now!

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  1. The ornaments in the Top Hat is adorable. I also love snowflakes too. I love them hanging from a branch.

  2. One of my favorites, just like last year!.....Funny, just earlier today I was stalking your blog wondering if you had it up yet, no luck...then I come back tonight to check and VIOLA!!! Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I love cutting snowflakes. Yours are very pretty, a nice variety of snowflake patterns... so fun!

  4. Your home is beautiful! I love all the touches. I especially love the nativity and that you wait to place Baby Jesus until the 24th. What a precious Gift the Christ Child was and is!

    God bless you. Amy

  5. Everything looks lovely! That little window is adorable!

  6. Beautiful. Love all of your wreath ideas... And I adore that 'joy' sign!

  7. Oh Man, it looks awesome. I love your stocking and all of the vintage elements. It's just perfect. Oh, and I love that piece of birch with the snowflakes attached. Great job!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Michelle, Your home looks so wintery and wonderful. I love all of your vingettes and your tree.
    The snowflakes are perfect. I also love your tradition of wrapping Baby Jesus.


  9. Absolutely beautiful Michelle! I love everything! Quick question for you...is the garland on your banister real?


  10. Really cute vignettes! Love the wreaths as well.

  11. so beautiful Michelle! Love the snowflakes too :)

  12. It all looks wonderful! I love that you change some things up and keep some things the same. I'm ready to make a few changes, but the family cries, "No"!
    Have a Christmas filled with bundles of joy!

  13. Love your decorations! So inspiring! Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  14. LOVE everything!
    But I really, really love that tiny window! Precious!


  15. ok so I love the top hat...the confetti sprinkles, the tiny wondow and the view...and of course the sweet wreaths on the back of the chairs...so pretty! you did good girl! as always~ xo

  16. I definitely share your love of vintage and I'm pretty sure I just thrifted a very similar vintage nativity set to the one you have: http://honeysuckleblog.blogspot.com/2011/12/christmas-decorating.html

  17. LUV LUV LUV your Christmas decor, Michelle! The snowflakes, tiny vignettes, Holy Family....just luv it! :)

    xoox laurie

  18. Beautiful home, beautiful holiday decorations. I love how unique all of your displays are. you are so talented

  19. beautiful as always! I have been waiting to the the vintage junky Christmas:)

  20. Such fun, clean and whimsical decor! I love everything and want to come over for egg nog :)

  21. I love the branch with snowflakes. Very quirky and cool!

  22. LOVE your decorations! Mygod, those snowflakes hanging from the white birch tree are beautiful! And your tree is gorgeous!! Good work!

  23. You have one of my favorite Christmas houses! You have the touch my friend! I was inspired by you to take one of our toy trucks out and pop a little tree inside...do you still have them in your etsy shop? I am sending readers there if they want one of yours.

  24. Oh Michelle. You had me at the wreath on the front door. Everything is beautiful! I love the boxwood and snowflakes especially.

  25. Just beautiful! I love your pale blue, white and brown colors in here. LOVE that mirror frame with the Nativity.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog,

  26. Just lovely! I swear, next year I am going to start thinking about holiday decor in September, you have so many great and original ideas!
    Cathy @ Room Rx

  27. I LOVE all of your decorations- very pretty!! The hanging ornaments and snowflakes are so festive and I love the Advent calendar too!

  28. everything looks awesome, michelle! i love the wreath! :)


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