Scenes from the Shoppe

hello!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  We had a busy little weekend at the shoppe, but I managed to find the time to rearrange a little.  I didn't realize that I missed working in a boutique until I was able to change things up... even more than I do at the house!  So, I thought I would show you a few photos I took this weekend.  Click on photo or here for a fun interactive shopping guide!

I got my hours decal for the front door!  It made me feel like a real shoppe!

This is one of the most popular items that people spend their time digging through... one of these days, I am going to get rid of our PB flatware and get a mismatched set.  But, for now, I will part with them *wink*

This was made by Mr. Hughes, of course.  But, I will take a little bit of credit for it since I gave him the idea and also showed him the pretty French envelope.

And this, my dears, is something I am SO excited about... like jumping up and down excited.  We found this post box last Wednesday while we were out on our family day.  And, Mr. Hughes knew it would be perfect for our little ....

... candle line!!  This is something I have wanted to add since we opened.  I love really nice candles.  We carried a few lines at a boutique that I worked at in college and I loved so many.  I knew when I saw this line (Linnea's Lights)  featured in Country Living that it would be a right fit, even before smelling them.  And, when we got the samples in... well, all three of us had a great time sniffing away and finding the right scents for us. 

I was so excited to get them before Christmas.  You should have seen baby hughes and I chasing down the FedEx man on Saturday!  He went to the building across the street, and I just knew those were our candles.  I was thrilled and so was baby hughes... let's face it... he is just thrilled most of the time *wink*
So, we dug in the boxes and Mr. Hughes couldn't get there fast enough to help me heave this post box up on top of the library table.

Okay, back to the awesome post box... check out the back... it is pretty cool too with all of those little brass labels with names.... check out this name!  Mr. Hughes and I debated on whether or not it was the Woodrow Wilson.  I don't think it is, but wouldn't it be awesome if it was!

Okay, I am off to paint... I have a full house right now with furniture to paint for clients and for the booths and shoppe.  Got to get busy.busy.busy. (quick... what Christmas movie is that from?)

bye for now!


  1. Love the mailbox, love your shoppe, love that pillow up top! so pretty, and I'm glad you are feeling like a professional, it's all so exciting!

  2. I have been reading your blog for sometime now and just realized you are in TN, I live on the TN/VA line at Kingsport, but I live in VA. Is yours shop in Nashville my niece lives in Huntsville and her inlaws live near Nashville and they go there all the time. If you are, would you tell me where your shop is she would love your shop and I will send her in there. Thanks you. Blessings Lynda Dishner

  3. Love your shop why can I not live closer... this is the way it always is... many years of profit...

    Merry Christmas


  4. *LOVE* the post box! That was a great find. But alas, probably now 'the' Woodrow Wilson since his first name was Thomas. Omg! History Channel playing non-stop in our house is starting to rub off on me! Lol! I blame my hubs for that!


  5. I love it all! Can't wait to come visit soon!

  6. oh, I just love that post box!! My grandma had one just like it where she lived, and I was always so fascinated by it. It was a big deal if I got to 'help' by turning the combination knob! ;) Great display idea. Your shop is looking full and beautiful!

  7. beautiful shop! wish I lived nearby I'd be a darling!

  8. Whay can't your shop be here in California.....(sigh) Love the post box!! Wishing you a lovely holiday! Xoxoxo

  9. Michelle the post box looks darling all dolled up with your candles and such!! the shoppe just keeps on getting better and better!
    muwahh! T

  10. Would that be 'Frosty the 'Snowman'?
    The shop is that you followed your dream.

  11. Very cool pictures! it looks amazing!!!!

  12. The shop is so cute! Yep, that's the magician from Frosty!

  13. love, love, love it! so wish i lived in your neck of the woods so i could stop by! will have to send my sis in my sted...she lives is clarksville. you'll have to give me the address! ;) hugs!

  14. Ok, how many things can I love in one post?! The hours sign on your door, the chalkboard postcard, the postal display piece AND the candles! I'm in love with it all!


  15. I love the old typewriter! If I ever make it out to TN again, I'm definitely stopping by :)

  16. The shop looks amazing! I know you are having so much fun!

  17. No arguments about the silverware. My Mother would kill to have a dig through that selection. Keep up the fun and good work! :) Cathy Pieroz at Ray White Alexandra Hills


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